LARP, it’s all about the costume!

Live Action Role Play is a hobby which is accessible to all. However, unlike most past times this is one where wearing a costume adds to the experience. In fact it is one of the greatest draws for people who are looking to participate in LARP.

Before setting out on constructing your costume you will need to do your research. LARP is a serious business; half-hearted attempts won’t be tolerated so it is important you source your costume carefully. If you are an elf, it would be imperative you wear elf ears. If you were a member of the Night Watch you would need to wear the correct LARP leather armour.

LARP Costume Tips

  • Don’t be put off by store selling period pieces. Costumes can be amalgamated from a variety of sites. You also don’t have to buy the most high end stuff immediately. Costumes can be improved and added to over time.
  • Leather boots are a must. Not only will they be in keeping with your LARP look they will keep your feet dry on wet weekends and have much greater durability than cheaper alternatives.
  • LARP leather armour is one of the key items of costume for certain roles. This is something that we would recommend (once you have become a dedicated LARPer) that you invest in. Good quality LARP leather armour will mould with you and age well like true battle armour should. It will also help to protect you against the elements. LARP leather armour is no longer only available in traditional Black and Tan but instead can be sourced in a variety of shades of red, green and burgundy depending on your character or personal taste. A point worth noting.
  • Vambraces, Greaves and pouches all add touches to a costume. They are also a good starting point for those just starting out in LARP. They can often be found for a good price and are easy to incorporate into a full costume as time progresses.

Help is always on hand for those looking to expand their costume. Chat to players around you, many are often crafters themselves or have a good knowledge of where to source pieces from. If not try well known suppliers such as Lederkraft, their hand crafted leather work is exceptional.

At the end of the day, enjoy! Costumes are just one element of how much fun you can have by joining the LARP community.

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