Making Science Stimulating With School Posters

Science is one of those subjects which sounds boring on the outside but once you’re inside it, once you can see just how many aspects of daily life science is a part of, it opens up a whole world of amazing and interesting information.

All adults remember science experiments from their teenage years, burning magnesium and mixing vinegar and baking soda and watching it erupt. It’s exciting. But what do you do to inspire younger children that science is cool?

The answer……. Make science visually stimulating through the use of props and school posters. School posters relating to science can make something technical visual. They can help to make things, which are hard to explain, easy to see. For example trying to explain how a tadpole grows into a frog without images is incredibly difficult. Also no 7 year old is going to believe you. However if you demonstrate using a school poster showing the stages a tadpole goes through in order to transform into a frog it is not only much more interesting for the students but also much easier to understand.

School posters are available in a wealth of science-based prints. They can help with the periodic table, the solar system and photosynthesis, weather cycles, germs and reproduction, plus many, many more. It’s not just me who believes in school posters, research has found that visual aids enhance learning by 400%. So why not add a new dimension to your teaching and help inspire a new generation of science enthusiasts.

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