The Risks of Laser Eye Surgery

Cosmetic injury claims are on the rise thanks to surgeons and clinics who don’t always fully adhere to the laws put in place to protect their patients. Before entering into any cosmetic procedure your surgeon should make you fully aware of the risks that come along with it. All surgery carries risks, which is why you should be fully informed before committing to the procedure.

In this article we are looking to raise your awareness of some of the risks you should be advised about before undergoing laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery compensation claims are on the up as more and more poorly executed, poorly skilled companies roll out offers to entice buyers on voucher websites.

  1. At best you should be made aware of the discomfort that comes following surgery. Whilst it varies between patients you should be made aware that discomfort will follow the procedure so as you can plan ahead for this inevitability.
  2. Prior to surgery your surgeon should check how dry your eyes are naturally. Laser eye surgery can cause you to have dry eyes for up to 6months post surgery as the eyes heal and return to their natural state. If you already suffer from dry eyes it is possible for the surgery to make this a permanent state.
  3. Corneal Haze is another of the possible outcomes of laser eye surgery, which you should be warned about prior to going ahead with the procedure. During the surgery the cornea is the part of your eye that is lasered. In instances where this doesn’t heal properly you may suffer cloudy vision. Eye drops can be prescribed to combat this if it does occur.
  4. Whilst eye surgery is becoming more accurate patients should still be warned that there is a risk of poor night vision. Sufferers often say that they can see haloes or starbursts of light in their eyes at night, which affects their vision. For individuals with large pupils there are alternative methods of eye surgery, which can prevent this from happening. A good surgeon should pick up on this and suggest alternatives or at least warn you of the risks.

These are just some of the risks of laser eye surgery. Whilst in most cases eye surgery is successful you should always be made aware of the facts before entering into any type of medical procedure. If your doctor doesn’t give you a complete run down of risks then we suggest you get a second opinion. Alternatively if you are reading this article to late and you have suffered at the hands of a poor surgeon or have been poorly informed resulting in undergoing a procedure which has left you with permanent scars, did you know you can make a specific laser eye surgery compensation claim? Well you can. There are experts in this field ready to help.

The greatest advice we can give you is make sure you are as informed as possible before undergoing any type of surgery. If you don’t you could regret it.

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