Lessons In Divorce

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone. While everyone at Woolley & Co does all they can to make the process as quick and streamline as possible there are things which you can do to aid in securing a less stressful separation.

As divorce lawyers we have seen it all. The aim of this article is designed to advise you as to how to achieve resolution without the friction.

Although not always easy, remaining amicable is your greatest asset. We know this isn’t always easy, but by focussing your energy into revenge or hatred for your partner has a detrimental effect not only on divorce proceedings but also on dependants involved. Securing resolution of the larger matters, such as the division of assets or the custody of children, is so much easier when you focus on that and not on trying to out do one and other. If your partner is taking cheap shots or making outrageous demands as they feel more wronged than you, let them. Don’t lower yourself to their level. Resolution will never be achieved if you are intentionally trying to cause unrest in anger. Instead take the higher ground, remain focussed and goal driven, your partner will have no fuel for their fire and will swiftly fall into line.

We have an experienced team of divorce lawyers here at Woolley & Co, all of whom constantly remind their clients to pick there battles wisely. You’d be surprised at the difference it can make.

Divorce is an emotional time, each party deals with and accepts the process in their own time and it is important for each spouse to recognise that. While filing for divorce may have come as a surprise to you, your partner may have been contemplating it for a while. If they seem more at ease with the situation it is likely that they are just further along the process of than you are. Don’t take their demeanour as a shrewd power play or heartless detachment.

As divorce lawyers, we know that the best way to work through the stages of divorce is with the help of a good support network. We fulfil part of that but friends and family, co-workers or professional support will all aid in making divorce easier to tackle and overcome. Whilst it isn’t always easy another way to make the process more manageable is by keeping lines of communication open with your partner. We aren’t trying to insinuate that this is always easy but as we all know resolution can only be reached through communication. Talking will help you understand where you are each at in the process and how best to approach situations. It will also help to retain some kind of normality if there are dependents involved.

Every situation is different, but hopefully, this article has shown you that by making small behavioural changes you can significantly reduce the friction and achieve resolution quicker.

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