Things To Consider Before Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce isn’t a decision which should be taken lightly. It is too easy to see it as a quick means to an end when things are tough but this shouldn’t be the case. Divorce is a difficult and time consuming process, which is why we have created this list of things to consider before hiring a divorce lawyer

First of all, have you explored all other avenues to try and save your marriage? Remember divorce is finite so before you begin the process maybe it is worth trying relationship counselling, a temporary separation or a discussion with your religious leader. All advice is beneficial and anything that will help maintain an amiable platform on which to enter in to divorce proceedings with, if that is the case, will be of use.

If divorce is the answer then spend some time asking others which divorce lawyers they used. Whilst all lawyers are qualified to a generalised standard, many specialise. If you have children, then investigating a firm with a speciality in family law or divorce law is advisable.

Communication is the key to a swift and sound resolution. It is important that you trust and feel comfortable with your divorce lawyer, so before committing spend some time with a couple ask your self, can I communicate with them? Do they understand what I want and what I am willing to compromise on and fight for? Having an informal chat with a lawyer before signing on the dotted line is normal and we strongly advise that you do. Having a good relationship with your divorce lawyer is incredibly beneficial.

Like all occasions where two teams are going head to head, it is best to be prepared. Providing your chosen divorce lawyer with as much financial and asset information at the start will enable them to create a much more informed case. Before calling the lawyers, make sure you have details of savings, pensions, investments and property for both yourself and your spouse.

Finally, it is important to establish what it is you want from this divorce. A full on battle in a courtroom is a long and expensive process which rarely results in the outcome you desire. Be realistic about your demands, have a clear idea of what you want and engage advice from your divorce lawyer as to what you are entitled to.

Like all great American sporting, films say, “the best offence is a good defence” and we feel the same. Make sure you are fully prepared before you call the divorce lawyers and you will reap the rewards by participating in a much more level and organised the process. To learn more or to enquire about our services, please call 0800 3213832 or book an appointment here.


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