Litigation Funding Advice

Are you based in England or Wales and are considering seeking Litigation Funding?

Here is some honest advice for you.

If you are looking to find third party litigation funding in the UK then we would advise that you seek out someone who is a member of the Association of Litigation Funders of England & Wales.

Members of the association are required to follow the association’s code of conduct. This code of conduct acts as a set of rules to ensure both parties are aware of the benefits that entering into this arrangement mean for them. It also offers clarity on the more complicated areas of litigation funding such as withdrawal, settlement and case control.

By choosing a company who are a member of the association you also have access to support and advice from an independent body should you need it. The association acts as an educator as well as a governor. Information regarding funding, processes and procedures is all available to both inform individuals and to support and assist solicitors.

Finally, in its role as governor, the association takes complaints very seriously. Misconduct by members is not tolerated and is investigated fully if a complaint is made.


Full details about The Association Of Litigation Funders can be found on their website here: ALF



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