London Wealth Management is No.1


When it comes to money there is no where better than London. According to a report into the ascent of emerging economies, London came out on top ahead of both Shanghai and Hong Kong in the fight for foreign investment. Strong competition did come in the shape of Brazil however who made an impressive jump to number 4 after 160% increase over the last 2 years.

Unsurprisingly Europe didn’t feature in the top 5 after the recent sovereign debt crisis however, Russia, India and China all saw growth. Whilst it is important to our economy that London remains number one, it is a positive step for the global community.

As well as one of the most dynamic, innovative and interesting cities in the world, thanks to this new statistic London wealth management is now on the map on a global scale. If you are looking to make a move into investment or perhaps reassess your financial portfolio then look no further than the capital.

When choosing a London wealth management provider we suggest you do your research. Experience and expertises are the key. When looking to invest large sums of money you need to know that the London wealth management service you have chosen are experts in their field with an extensive back catalogue of clients who have benefited from their advice and management.

London wealth management company, Marshall Sterling focus on research. Their analysts provide comprehensive research reports on hundreds of listed companies around the world, corporate actions, company upgrades and downgrades, global economic and geo-political news highlights and miscellaneous factors in order to keep their clients abreast of current investment trends. Marshall Sterling believe that by providing their clients with the right level of information they are able to make better investment decisions.

As stated before, finding a London wealth management company who demonstrate all the skills and experience you require is possible. As the statistics show, London is the no.1 place for investment, so make sure you take the time to find the right company for you.

Wealth management works on many levels, so whether you’re a small business, a high net worth individual or a family looking for investment guidance for the future London wealth management company Marshall Sterling can help. To find out more about the services Marshall Sterling offer click here: Marshall Sterling


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