Over Bleaching = Breakages, Baldness & Bad Hair

Hair dye damage isn’t only caused when putting colour into the hair but also when taking it out. This case study shows that bleaching, when not executed properly can have as many detrimental effects to the hair as coloured dye can. 

Case Study:

The individual in question had been visiting the same salon every 4 weeks for a number of years to have her hair bleached. On one visit she was told that mixing up how the bleach was applied would help to prevent overlap and reduced damage to the hair. The individual agreed and allowed the bleach to be directly applied to her roots as opposed to over already dyed hair.

16 weeks and 4 trips to the salon later, the individual in question found that her hair was snapping and breaking with every wash. She alerted her hairdresser to the issue but was told not to worry. Trusting her hairstylist again she underwent the treatment except this time, when the stylist was washing out the bleach she noticed that the hair was breaking off and coming away in clumps.

The individual in question left the salon with an uneven mullet, rather than her usual bob due to the amount of hair that had come away. To try and rectify it the salon offered to dye it darker only to find that more hair snapped and fell away. Distraught the individual in question ceased going to the salon and chose to pursue a hair dye damage claim against the salon through a solicitor.

Racked with low self-esteem, an itchy and dry scalp and anxiety issues the case was quickly taken on by a solicitor and the salon were contacted. The salon admitted liability although finding a resolution took time. Finally, after court proceedings, the individual in questions was awarded just under £6000 in compensation.

Fortunately the individual has since moved salons and now has a good quality stylist providing her with the correct advice and a head of hair she is proud of.

Just because someone has been trained, doesn’t always mean they know what they are talking about. If it doesn’t sound or feel right, be sure to get a second opinion.

Hair Dye Damage Claims

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