Star Wars Fancy Dress – A Great Idea For A Party

Star Wars hit our screen in 1977 and was admired by many people around the world. The Star Wars films have generated over $5 billion in sales, which just goes to prove that it has been and continues to be a huge success. Generations of people have grown up with this film, between the first trilogy and the final trilogy there are a total of 28 years! People just love the Galaxy Far Far away….

Star Wars fancy dress might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s certainly one that everyone will know. Fan or non fan it’s very easy to find Star Wars fancy dress outfits whether you’re looking in a shop or online. Star Wars is extremely recognisable as it’s had such a huge impact on the movie industry. If you’re planning on holding a Star Wars fancy dress party then here are a few suggestions of what you can dress up as.

1. Princess Leia
She’s a heroine and a driving force behind the rebellion to get rid of the Dark Empire. This character is suitable for girls or women of all sizes. There are plenty of Princess Leia outfits so you won’t struggle to find a costume.

2. Luke Sky Walker
With many twists in his life Luke is a great hero throughout the Star Wars movies and a Jedi Knight. This outfit is great for the guys, remember that this outfit is not complete without the classic Light Saber.Costume Superstore

3. Yoda
Yoda is the last surviving Jedi Master. The Yoda Star Wars fancy dress outfit is one of the more visual ones and is a great choice for anyone regardless of age and gender.

4. Storm Trooper
Everyone knows the famous Storm Trooper. They keep everyone in order and are a classic Star Wars fancy dress outfit. The white armoured suits are perfect for any Star Wars fancy dress party.

5. Darth Vader
Who wouldn’t want to dress up as the Great Dark Lord of the Force. He’s a Jedi Knight gone bad so he’s certainly a popular Star Wars fancy dress choice. The outfits are extremely recognisable so you won’t get people asking who you are all night. Most Darth Vader outfits come with a mask so anyone can wear it and be in disguise all night.

There are loads more Star Wars fancy dress characters to choose from but I have selected 5 of my favourites! Fancy dress is great fun so enjoy your night and just remember: May The Force Be With You!

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