Your Only Choice For Sport Is Spartan

When it comes to sport, the only choice is Spartan.

Manufacturers of market leading products and equipment in a range of disciplines, Spartan are endorsed by some of the leading Australian sports stars of the 21st century.

Big hitters such as Matt Prior, Michael Clarke and Sir Viv Richards are all ambassadors for Spartan and are never without a Spartan cricket bat at the crease.

Former World Number 2 in Squash, Danielle Hart is a Spartan ambassador for racket sports whilst Commonwealth silver medalist Laura Geitz shows what Spartan can do when it comes to netball on the world stage.Spartan

Spartan make and innovate sports equipment to ensure Australia stand out. Whilst home grown, Spartan isn’t just a brand from down under for Southern Hemisphere sports stars. The Spartan name has made it’s way northwards and is now available this side of the equator.

Leading cricket retailer Cricket Direct are proud to stock Spartan cricket bats. Their celebrity endorsements, their bright colours and their technical precision make them a serious contender for kids, adults and clubs everywhere when it comes to which bat to by.

Available in a range of sizes, styles and specialties, you are sure to be able to find the bat for you.

MP Cricket Bats
Hand selected for perfect weight these Spartan cricket bats are built to the same spec as Matt Prior’s.
MC Cricket Bats
Endorsed by Australian captain and colossal run-getter Michael Clarke.
Chris Gayle Cricket Bats
Designed for explosive power and massive sweet spots built for T20 destruction.
SVR Cricket Bats
The perfect combination of pick-up, balance, power and precision.
MS Dhoni Cricket Bats
MS Dhoni doesn’t get one bat in his collection he gets 5.
Junior Cricket Bats
Spartan Junior Cricket Bats are popular due to their fantastic profiles and modern designs.

All these bats are currently available on the Cricket Direct website, so if you want to be the next sports star first up to bat, you better select yourself a Spartan.

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