The Effectiveness Of Subtitles And Voice Overs For Your Business

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Subtitling services and voice overs are becoming much more common, especially with the growth of the global film



The United States, China, India and the United Kingdom are the top four leading industries in the world. Subtitling services can be used to increase the reach of your message, provide equal opportunities to deaf people and boost your business from an SEO perspective.

Voice overs, on the other hand, are the cartoon characters and the commercial adverts we have all known to love. Voice overs provide additional narration to improve the effectiveness of various audio and visual videos, in order to peak the interest of the audience.


Subtitling is an audiovisual translation in the form of on-screen text. Subtitling services are used to provide access to a wide range of entertainment such as online videos, tv programmes and movies for those who are hard of hearing, or even speak another language.

Subtitling is not exclusively a legal requirement, but videos involving education, medical or legal advice, are required to have subtitles for equal access and equal opportunities for deaf people.

Equal opportunities and equal access for the deaf community

1 in every 7 person suffers with some hearing loss in the UK. By providing subtitling services to online videos and tv shows, you are providing people with hearing loss a chance to access the same entertainment and learning as the rest of the world. This opens your videos and tv shows to a whole new, very large market of people. This means that your message is extended even further.

Deafness is the 3rd most common disability in the world. Until the 90’s, the deaf community were very much excluded from all audio visual productions as subtitling used to be very limited, only available by purchasing a separate machine that would allow you to obtain subtitles.

Nowadays, subtitles are available on nearly all devices for TV programmes and movies, as well as online videos watched on sites like you tube and BBC iplayer.

Subtitling services are much more common, too. This means you can easily obtain subtitles for your productions.

Reach an audience outside your country


For over half a billion people worldwide, English is a second language. By incorporating subtitling, you are able to increase the reach of your message or entertainment production worldwide by putting it into another language. Increasing the access to your productions can be a great benefit.

Advantageous in noisy places

Subtitles can be a great way for people to watch their favourite tv programmes and movies when they can’t drown out the background noise.

Subtitles allow you to follow along even when you can’t hear by complementing or substituting the audio. As well as noisy places, online videos and movies can be enjoyed when they have subtitles in quiet places, for example, in an office or commute to work, without disturbing anyone else.

This therefore increases engagement and viewings, as your audience will be able to watch the productions, no matter if they have access to audio or not. This also means extending the reach of your message.

Aid in learning a new language


Watching a film with foreign subtitles, or watching a foreign film with english subtitles has been known to be a great way to study for another language.

Using foreign subtitling can a fun way for people to hear how the language is used real life scenarios, provide you students with more authentic vocabulary and learn more phrases.

By offering this service, you will be opening your productions to a new market; students.

Be seen by search engines


Using subtitling services can improve the impact of your message and ensure it is accessible to a much wider audience.

Adding subtitles to educational or entertainment videos, for example, can help extend your reach globally. By using subtitles, you are also adding extra text to your videos, which can help from a marketing and SEO perspective.

By having a textual representation of the video content, it allows search engines to digest the information you have put online and rank it online accordingly, therefore, being seen by more people and increasing your viewings.

Will you utilise the use of subtitles for your business?

Voice Overs

Voice overs are off camera commentaries used in productions such as feature films, documentaries, animations TV programmes and commercials.

Voice overs can often be confused with dubbing, which is a very precise technique, commonly used in films for narrating in another language.

With the global growth of the TV and film industry, there also comes a huge demand for voice overs and dubbing. There are also many benefits to using voice over agencies.

Enhance the experience for the viewers

Voice overs are an effective way to add extra narrative to a report or story, providing your audience with more in depth information and peaking their interest.

It allows your audience to learn more than they would just watching the video or show on their own.

Take David Attenborough, for example.

The David Attenborough effect is now a trend. He is famously known for his narrative on various BBC productions, such as Blue Planet. Since David has effectively engaged with the audience, there has been a huge increase on the awareness of plastic reduction and more action being taken than ever before.

Earn the viewers trust

Having a voice over is an effective way to earn the trust of your viewers.

The same, consistent voice builds trust by seeming authentic, and becomes a voice they are familiar with. You want your audience to endorse your message, and when your audience can create a connection with the voice over, they will resonate with your brand and your messaging.

Rumour has it, the film March of the Penguins was so popular, not because of the cute, wild animals, but because of the voice over by Morgan Freeman.

Brand recognition

Getting to know and trust the same voice builds a unique experience for your viewers, and, over time, people will get to know the voice that represents your brand and form a personal connection to it.

For example, we all recognise the commentary on the mouthwatering M&S food adverts by Dervla Kirwan. Just hearing a combination of her voice and the music, gives away the brand instantly.

Increase engagement


Voice overs provide extra information for your audience, as well as the chance to create emotions.

This can be especially effective on the radio, as there is nothing your audience can physically view. This can increase engagement amongst your audience and influence how viewers perceive the originality of your production.

Voice overs can be unique to your type of production: commercials, documentaries or stories. Also, different voices can be adapted for different audiences.

More upbeat and energetic for children, and slower, more calm voice for more senior people. For example, many of us get excited when the famous Don LaFontaine voices new film trailers.

An effective voice over expert


A voice over on your production can provide viewers with more information and attention to details they otherwise wouldn’t have seen, enhancing their experience and ensuring key messages are clearly heard.

A professional voice over actor will talk with interest and expressiveness, constantly engaging the viewers. Well known voice over experts will be able to provide a unique experience for your viewers and complement your productions.

The psychology behind voice overs

The dual-channel hypothesis is a theory behind the psychology of voice overs and the way we process information.

An effective voice over means our minds can process information even faster. This way, we have the ability to learn more, and faster. This is probably why documentaries are such a good way to learn, because they present the information in a way that keeps our brains active and gives us lots to absorb.

The voice overs give viewers a lot to think about.

Have you ever been swayed by an effective voice over?

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