The Rise Of Online Shopping

In 2012 it was discovered that the UK are well head of the curve when it comes to online shopping. 60% of UK adults choose to regularly shop online; that’s double that of the average found by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.

Could this shift in the way British consumers shop be down to financial and cultural changes? We think so.

As the rate of pay fails to increase at the same rate as the cost of living UK residents are doing all they can to find cheaper ways to buy goods. Whether it is food, clothes or cheap shoes online, the Internet offers us more and cheaper alternatives, which allow us to retain our standard of living whilst lowering the cost.

Let’s take fashion as an example; in reality it is the minority of people who are really fashion forward and always on trend. The masses are just trying to look good without breaking the bank, which is why online retailers such as are thriving. The concept is simple, they buy end of line stock and imports and sell all the items at £5 each. The stock maybe cheap in price but not in quality, as those shoppers who have taken the plunge have found out.

Everything5Pounds has a global audience, all cashing in on their wallet friendly fashions. When you take ‘trend’ out of the equation, buying garments online can be a bargain hunters dream. Gone are the days of car boot sales and auction websites for second hand items for a bargain, you can now buy brand new items for next to nothing.

Do we predict this trend will continue?

Absolutely. Whether you are looking to buy cheap electronics or cheap shoes online, your horizons are broadening daily. Thanks to discount codes, flash sales and the impact of bloggers on the way we shop, plus the UK being well ahead of the curve for online sales, the high street better watch out

Do you shop online?

Where do you get the best deals?

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