Web Design: What We Can Expect To See in 2017

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Last year, we brought to you key website trends to look out for in 2016 after consulting with Winchester web design experts Alniro. Trends are developments that occur in almost every field and they are pivotal in pushing an industry forward for the better. Web design is no exception, so we have gotten back in touch with Alniro. They have kindly imparted to us the absolute key trends in web design that we can definitely expect for 2017.


The Key Web Design Trends For 2017….

Adopting a Mobile-First Approach:

Websites are now all about the user experience and when somebody accesses a website, chances are it is now from a mobile phone. When you are optimising a website for mobiles, you’ll need to remember that the user is mobile. Alniro say that users expect speedy access and to instantly find the essential details. It also means that you need to be more selective with your website content.


Modern Retro:

Winchester WordPress experts Alniro have advised that modern retro is hugely popular for the coming year and beyond. Modern retro in web design comprises of clean abstract illustrations, geometric shapes, squiggles, bright-coloured line art, neon colours and pixel-based illustrations. We can see this digital trend being all the rage for 2017.



Cinemagraphs are what bring the bells and whistles to web design. They are high-quality videos coming in a GIF format with a section inside it that runs on a continuous loop. It is a mix of video and static imagery that results in a moving image, delivering that visual wow factor that leads to greater user engagement. You’ll definitely want to incorporate this into your web design…



Ultra-minimalism in web design defies normal conventions of what we would expect to see on websites. Just putting the bare necessities on a web page is eye-catching for the user and is bang on trend for 2017. It emphasises simplicity and is definitely a look to adopt. Spindrift Media, who specialises in motorsport graphic design, adopts the minimalist look.


Mixing Horizontal and Vertical Text:

According to Alniro, mixing horizontal and vertical text is a revitalizing style for your website to embrace. Mixing the text is contemporary and enhances the user engagement, whilst adding an extra dimension to your website’s look.


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