The Top Construction Industry Software: What Are They?

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Construction Industry.

Software has always been at the backbone of construction in order to achieve the high levels of accuracy and precision that the construction industry is noted for. Construction projects involve planning, designing, building, estimating and budgeting to reach objectives.

There are different types of contractors software ranging from accounting to estimating and speciality design software that meet the varying operational needs of the construction industry. You need the right tools for the job to ensure that everything goes to plan. To help you make the right choice, here’s are our top picks of contractors software:


Construction Industry Software:


EasyBuild UK

Built for construction by construction, EasyBuild’s software is built on the most up-to-date technology by Oracle. Founded in 1999, this top recommended construction app for workers drives efficiency, reduces costs and minimises risks in projects for house builders, building contractors and maintenance providers.

Some of its user-friendly software benefits include efficient data storage in one central repository, the improvement of project control performance and stock and retention management. Cash flow is also optimised, as is the control and performance of service level agreements in construction projects. If you want to find out more, EasyBuild will be more than happy for you to get in touch and you can also check out their amazing reviews page for further information.



Winning awards since 2006, BuilderTREND is a user-friendly, cloud-based project management software. It is designed for home-builders, remodelers and speciality contractors and has become the most widely used web-based software in residential construction. BuilderTREND’s features allow for contractors to build projects faster, and reduce costly communication errors.

Starting at the pre-sale process, you can use the software for bid requests, estimates and proposals, auto email marketing. BuilderTREND can also be used for daily logs, scheduling, payments, purchase orders and timesheets. From £80 per month for one project per year with no setup fees, BuilderTREND can be yours.


A Zero-owned product and used by more than 8,500 businesses globally, WorkflowMAX is a job management software that is perfect for the construction industry. It is a delivered as a software-as-a-service and helps you to get more customers, save time and money, grow your business and stay organised.

Working with Xero accounting software, it is cloud-based and you can use WorkflowMAX to purchase orders, document management, time-tracking, invoicing, quoting, timesheets, reports and job costings. It has flexible monthly plans starting from a very convenient £15 a month.



Coming with the tag-line ‘’Eliminating the chaos of project management’’, Co-construct is a construction industry software that is web-based and mobile. The software’s features are designed with the needs of everybody involved in a construction project. Launched in 2004, Co-construct allows you to coordinate your projects, communicate with clients and crew and control your finances.

You would be able to schedule to-do lists, change orders, share files and photographs, carry out estimates and put forward bids and proposals. With no set-up fee, pricing plans start from roughly £80 per month.


Choosing the best construction industry software for your business need not be a tricky decision. If you are in need of software for construction, then don’t hesitate to contact EasyBuild UK. They address all of the operational needs of construction businesses and this includes the financial, commercial, project management and compliance aspects.


What do you think about the top construction industry software? Will you be using them to bolster productivity in construction projects?


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