What is Hollywood Regency Style?

Firstly let me share with you why I even had to find this out.  My nearly teenage daughters birthday is fast approaching and, as all Mums know with girls of this age their birthday requests are going to be anything but straightforward.  Love them!

Dare I even ask the question “what would you like for your birthday?”.  Anyway, it transpires that she would like a new bedroom in Hollywood Regency Style.  The first thing that springs to my mind is the Hollywood dressing room mirrors with lights all around in those old Hollywood movies. But am I on the right track?  Let’s see..


Hollywood Regency Style is defined as sophisticated and chic, if sometimes a little over the top. An evocative backdrop to show off the stars.

If that is the case the style sounds far too grown up for my little poppet. Or is this just me not letting her grow up?


The style dates back to the 1930’s when Hollywood had it’s hey day!  The style is a mix of many others to give the impression of fabulous parties and faraway travels. Think modern art deco style, with traditional pieces thrown in.  Although a flamboyant style, it is important that it should never be gaudy or garish.

Humm, now I am liking the sound of this for my bedroom. I quite fancy one of those Hollywood mirrors with lights myself.

Get the look

To achieve the glamour of this style you should include:

Bold Colours – Think Hollywood, think drama! This can only mean rich bright colours, reds, greens and yellows.  Be sure to mix them with crisp black and white, a Hollywood signature for textiles.

Shine – Mirrors! Hollywood mirror dressing tables, mirrored pedestals, glamour mirrors, these items are all key components to this interior style.  Not only do they add star quality, but they’re needed for applying all your glittery Hollywood inspired makeup in.

Patterns – Be careful not to overdo or mix too many different patterns, remember we are not trying to achieve gaudy. However animals prints, bold stripes and large floral patterns add to the Hollywood style.

Fabrics – Think indulgence. Velvet, satin and damask all suit this style, add make sure there is lots of it.

Theatre – This is a Hollywood style after all and it’s all about the drama. To complete the look add large sculptures, imposing window dressings, majestic lighting and some statement plants to bring in those faraway places.

Now what do I think?

All about the drama! Theatre, luxury fabrics, dressing room mirrors, oh and more mirrors. Now I can see why my daughter wants this style in her bedroom.  As for sophistication and chic, I am sure she will grow into that.

Now when I think of Hollywood style I think about the glitz and glamour of old movies, stardom, fame and beautiful people mixed with the angular, clean lines of the art deco period.  That to me is Hollywood Regency Style.

It is perfectly understandable why my daughter would love this style. Do you? Let me know in the comments, perhaps you have some tips to share before I get started.

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