How a Tractor Hedge Cutter Works

How annoying is to get stuck behind a tractor hedge cutter when taking a scenic detour down a country road?

Have you ever wondered why, like buses they all come out at once? Or why they have to take their time?  Or perhaps even how they work? It is not just our garden hedges that need maintenance but farm boundaries too.

Watch this video to find out. Then perhaps next time, like me, when you are stuck in a country lane behind a busy farmer you will make the most of the time and take in the view.

The key points made by the farmer in the video when explaining how to use a tractor hedge cutter are as follows:


The farmer has his hedge cutter mounted on his tractor as he has to get the hedge trimming completed by the end of February in line with legislation that protects nesting birds.

 The tractor hedge cutter is three-point link mounted, and driven by the PTO (Power Take-off unit).

Power Take-off Unit

The PTO unit goes at 540 rpm and goes into the trimmer to drive the Hydraulic pump.  This pump feeds the motor on the mower head to rotate the cutting blades.  Hydraulic pipes run through the arm to enable the driver to control the arm from the tractor cab.

Flail Heads

The flail heads of the mower rotate really fast to mash up the hedge. The hedges are cut every two years to allow time for a little growth for wildlife.

Hydraulic Operation

In the cab of the tractor, you can see the tractor hedge cutter to the left. The arm is operated by three hydraulic levers, one to raise the arm off the ground, the second to turn the angle of the flail head, and the third to control the reach of the arm. This movement allows for all  angles of hedges to be cut as well as sides of ditches at ground level.

So, in answer to our earlier questions:

 It is down the protection of our wildlife why it seems that tractors cutting hedges come out in force, which can’t be a bad thing.

Cutting of hedges is a complex operation which only takes place every two years for most farmers, again to allow for wildlife. Let them take their time to get it right.

Now I know how a tractor hedge cutter works and the work that is involved I am very happy in my office job thank you.

Are you someone who uses a tractor or perhaps needs a hedge cutter? Let me know in the comments.

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