Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles more bespoke than you think…

Being in a wheelchair doesn’t take away your sense of style nor does it take away your personality so make sure you take both into consideration when choosing a new wheelchair accessible vehicle.

Thanks to the advances in wheelchair accessible vehicle design and function there is no need to settle for an old school, cumbersome, clunky wheelchair accessible vehicle as there are plenty of options out there, all you have to do is ask. Here are some of our tips as to what to consider and what to ask when scouring the market for a new vehicle.

First of all when looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle it is important to go to a reputable dealer. Charlatans take a hike! As a WAV driver you need to know that not only does your dealer understand your needs but that they only provide you with the best quality adaptations.

Do your research. Ask around, see which companies’ people have used, read blogs to find out about the latest developments and read about peoples personal experiences to find out what really works and what doesn’t. Also be realistic, what is your budget like? Whilst the top of the range version might call your name, your bank manager won’t be so impressed. Be realistic.

Next up…what type of conversion are you going to go for? Are you looking to drive from your chair? Do you need room for passengers? How much luggage space do you need? Whilst wheelchair accessible vehicles will never be small, if you’re going to go big better make it comfy.

Finally, you need to consider where do you park your vehicle and what impact does this have on how you gain entry? Wheelchair accessible vehicles can be adapted for rear or side access. Side access is advantageous if you wish to exit onto the pavement as opposed to into traffic but rear access is easier if you go for ramp access. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages so it is worth considering.

Our greatest tip on assessing which wheelchair accessible vehicle is for you is to ask questions, and lots of them! By making decisions based on facts rather than feelings you can’t go to wrong.

If you are on the hunt for a wheelchair accessible vehicle in Surrey or Sussex we suggest you contact Southern Mobility Vehicles. Visit their website http://www.southernmobilityvehicles.co.uk/ today.

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