Why White?

The study of colours and their impact on us is adopted by many industries to help maximize the possibility of a sale, to help develop trust or to make us feel a certain way. You might not notice it, but it’s happening everyday, all around us.

Whilst the meaning associated with some colours is relatively obvious, for example yellow makes us happy. It is a joyful colour associated with cheerfulness and energy and is said to stimulate mental activity, a colour such as white isn’t as straightforward. This article explores why white? What does it mean and how can you incorporate it into your home?

As expected white is representative of innocence, purity and virginity, hence historically wedding dresses being white. But it is also considered to be the colour of perfection. Flawless, clean and crisp I actually can’t think of another colour that would represent this word more accurately.

Did you know though that white is also representative of cleanliness, safety and low weight? An odd collection of words I am aware but when you think about it Doctors wear white lab coats, sterile medical products are almost always white and low fat foods like yogurt and milk are also white. We trust white.CASABE_SEF_OTELLO_1009 047

White is also cool. Interior designers who opt for white often have everything from white walls to white dining furniture to white bed linen. White is chic, it says I am clean, ordered and stylish.

There is a trend currently for white kitchens and white dining furniture, both indoors and out, as it can be accented with other colours. By accenting white you change the mood. Add purple into the mix and you get a sense of luxury. Light purples evoke nostalgia and romance where as bright purples often evoke magic and mystery. Add black into the mix and the mood turns from fresh and clean to elegant and prestigious.

White in the home may not always be practical but that’s because as soon as it’s dirty it’s no longer white and therefore loses its meaning. As we previously mentioned the easiest way to get white into your home is through white kitchens or white dining furniture. If you are tempted by white furniture, contact New England Lifestyle today on 01243 555 926 or visit http://www.newenglandlifestyle.uk.com

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