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Funding For Arbitration from Woodsford Q&A

Finding a company who will provide funding for arbitration can be tricky. Woodsford Litigation Funding have a created a brief Q&A piece in order to help you get to know them and why they could be the company for you.

What kinds of disputes will Woodsford provide support for?

We have a preference for disputes being contested under English Law, whether that be UK based issues or issues being fought abroad but under British jurisdiction. We assess each case individually but will consider providing funding for arbitration and litigation for the following categories:

  • corporate/shareholder disputes
  • financial services, financial markets and commodities
  • banking
  • insolvency
  • professional negligence
  • commercial property
  • major construction/infrastructure disputes
  • tax/vat
  • competition/anti-tust
  • insurance
  • fraud/dishonesty
  • intellectual property

Does my claim have to be a certain size before Woodsford will take it on?

Yes. In order for us to provide funding for arbitration claimants must be suffering damages of at least £3million. This figure has to be proven accurate by a third party, although it is possible to sign a conditional agreement whereby this is provided at a later date.

How much funding will Woodsford provide me with

The way we look at funding for arbitration is that the funding we provide is proportional to the value of the claim. We can’t give you a finite figure as each case is different.

What are they going to charge me?

Again we cannot give you a finite answer as it depends on a range of factors:

  • What level of funding for arbitration is needed
  • How long is the case likely to run.
  • What is they chance of success
  • What is the value of the dispute

Simplified, we look for an appropriate return on the money we are staking as capital. It is normally calculated as a percentage of the amount recovered.

To learn more about the services provided by Woodsford, please visit http://www.woodsfordlitigationfunding.com

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