Woven Labels for Clothing – A Great Brand Choice

woven labels for clothing

Do not underestimate the power of woven labels for clothing. They are the signature of your brand and it is key for them to be kept up to date to meet the forever changing fashion trends. They should not be confused with a swing ticket, the type of information they display are very different things.

Why choose woven labels for clothing?


  • They don’t fade in the wash meaning that your branding stays firmly put and regularly in view
  • They add value to your garments by giving them a richer look and feel
  • There is a choice of fabrics and finishes for your woven labels that allow you to  project your brand perfectly

What are the most common types of woven labels?


This is the most common material used in woven labels for clothing. Finer yarns and higher weave density makes them a good option for detailed images and finer text. They are recommended for high-end items such as merino wool clothing and offer a real enhancement to brand image.


Cheaper than their Damask counterpart, this style of labels gives a smooth, shiny appearance and are soft to the touch. Satin labels are used in more prestigious garments as the material is associated with upmarket richness. To portray softness and kindness this style of labels is also frequently used in baby and infant clothing.


The tight weave of a Taffeta label results in a durable, lower cost label making them very popular. A very functional woven label for garments, although it can not carry as much detail as a Damask label and is not as soft as a Satin one. This style of labels is the choice for bolder images and text.  They are often used for care instruction labels due to their low cost.

What types of finishes are available?

The finish of the label will depend on how you intend to attach your woven labels to the garments. The 3 most popular finishes are:

Cut and End Fold

Both ends of the label have a folded flat at each end to allow for attaching to the garment. These are commonly used in shirt collars for example.

Centre Fold

This style of label allows for a brand logo on one side and care instructions on the reverse. It has a single fold down the middle of the label with the open ends usually being placed together and sewn into a seam.

Hot Cut or Heat Sealed

A flat label with no folds is produced by cutting them using a heat process which seals the edges. This style of garment labels can be sewn, tacked, glued or ironed onto the garment. 

There are many other materials and finishes for woven labels for clothing, these are simply the most popular.

Many companies that have their products or garments produced overseas keep their label design and purchase much closer to home. With a label being akin to your signature any variations on the theme could compromise of even weaken your brand. Make wise choices when choosing labels.

Of course, if you are crafty you could always try making your own fabric labels.

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