Year Book Creation

If you’re anything like I was at school, you’re probably looking forward to leaving in a few weeks and getting all your friends to fill out your yearbook. I had the choice of purchasing a yearbook from the school or making my own. I decided to go with the latter and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice. I love getting creative with all the pictures and craft supplies. UK schools are becoming a lot more Americanised with year books and proms, but your school might not offer the choice to have a generic one printed.

So here’s the question; do you create your own yearbook or try and arrange one for the whole school? I decided to look at some of the pros and cons of both choices.

Making your own;

ProsWhich will you choose?

• Making your own means that you can customise it as much as you like. You get to choose your own size, colour and style.
• It’s something to keep you occupied after your exams. After all the revising and brain work, it will be nice to have something to keep you occupied that is more creative.
• You get to pick your own pictures to go inside. Everyone has certain people that they do not want to sign their yearbooks. At least if you create your own you can pick who goes in it.


• If you want something that’s going to look personal but professional, it’s going to be a lot of effort. Do you have the time to commit to something so it’s not half finished on the last day?
• You still have to pay for school bought yearbooks, but if you go all out then making your own can become quite expensive.
• You’re responsible for taking and printing your own pictures

Buying one from the school;


• Little to no effort. It’s made for you so all you need to do is pass it round.
• Time saving
• Looks professional and will be bound properly with nice glossy pages and covers


• Everyone has the same so it will not feel as personal
• Generic school photos with very little space to write under
• You may not like the style, size and colours of the book

Personally, I think your best bet will be to make one yourself. You can have so much fun getting everyone to add something and it will be a really fun project. Just make sure you have plenty of nice pens and craft supplies! UK based company Creativ can help with you with all your craft supply needs. They sell a wide range of products which are perfect for yearbook creation.

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