4 Ways to Secure Quality Backlinks


It’s all about confidence.

After all, once your customers trust you, it is infinitely easier to convince them that your product or service is right for them. As a result, we spend a lot of time building confidence with our audience. We collect reviews, create case studies and develop key consistencies in our offering. 

It is Google’s goal to build confidence in search results by helping connect those who use their platform with the best information, product, or service based on their search term. This means that they are looking for most trustworthy sources possible. 

That is why Google LOVES quality backlinks. 

Much like a good review is a direct vote of confidence in your business, links from one site to your site act as a vote of confidence in the content or product you are offering. In turn, just like a review from an industry expert would be considered more reliable, backlinks from sites that Google already trusts are considered to carry more clout. 

So, we know we need backlinks. But how do we get them? In this article, we take you through four of the best, tried and tested ways to generate quality backlinks


Start With Lists 

Before we dive too deep into some smart tips and tricks for earning quality backlinks, let’s start with what is probably the simplest and quickest method – using online lists. 

Some helpful individual has likely already taken the time to undertake research on websites in your niche that accept guest posts. To find these all you need to do is tap into Google:

“[Industry/Niche] guest post list”, or a relevant variation of this. 

In the majority of industries, this will bring up at least a couple of lists that accept guest posts. They may also have gone one step further and included other crucial information such as domain authority and how difficult it is to get guest posts accepted on the site. 

Lists are certainly the best place to start when looking for quality guest posts. However, it is important to remember that anyone can easily get hold of these lists, so guest post opportunities on these sites may be harder to secure than others. 


Leverage Search Engines

Another great way to secure quality backlinks is by using some smart terms on a search engine such as Google. Here are a few examples of specific search terms you can use to find websites in your niche that accept guest posts: 

“write for us” “[niche]”

“guest post” “[niche]”

“contributor” “[niche]”

Using these specific search terms will bring up any pages that contain both phrases. The majority of these will be the ‘write for us’ page on relevant websites. 


“Spy” on Competitors

There are some smart tools out there that can help you leverage the hard work of your competitors when it comes to generating quality backlinks. 

One way to do this is to use a backlink checker like ahrefs or SEMrush. Running your competitors website through a platform like this will return a list of sites that contain backlinks to your competitors site.

Scanning this list will give you a good idea of where your competitors have already done a considerable amount of guest posting and will likely highlight which sites are open to accepting guest posts in your specific niche.  


Use Marketplaces 

The final place you can go to find quality backlinks is a marketplace. These are much as they sound, online lists of websites that accept guest posts and backlinks for a fee. This is a super quick and efficient way to build backlinks, but this method does come with a warning. 

As these websites are openly offering backlinks for cash, there is every possibility that search engines like Google will or are already penalizing their websites and the backlinks it contains. 

Boosting your search engine rankings can be hard work. Use some of the tips we have outlined in this guide to make finding quality backlink opportunities for your business easier. 


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Owain has a huge passion and strong background in business and marketing. He is the Founder of influencer, social and content marketing agency MAKE IT MANA, he is also the Editor at Better Business Tools


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