Guest Blogging and Linking Building For SEO in 2020

guest blogging

Do you think Guest blogging is useful for SEO and link building?

guest blogging


Guest Blogging can be good for SEO if the blogging technique is according to Google’s guidelines. If you publish useful and informative content you will surely get high SEO rankings and your site will be brimming with traffic. You must be very careful with the guidelines because if you do not follow the guidelines then your writing can be abused and you can be forbidden to write in the future.

What is Guest Blogging?

Publishing your own content on other’s website is known as Guest Blogging. It is used for digital marketing. It is very useful for SEO because you can link your personal website to it. This can also increase your search engine rankings.

Follow Google’s guidelinesguest blogging

If you are following Google’s guidelines then you are on the safe track. Google has laid down many guidelines which you need to follow to publish your article and be safe. Plagiarism free guest posts are most welcome. But some people misuse the information on the internet and that is the stem of Google laying down the strict guidelines for guest blogging.

Write blogs ethically

You can continue to write guest posts ethically online. In doing this, you must understand that you are not only writing guest posts for just adding a link. You are doing guest blogging to educate your target audience and also add value to them. Linking your own websites must be your second priority.

Select the appropriate sites

guest bloggingYou should aim to write for trustworthy sites. When your guest post is published and it goes live you will get many traffic in trustworthy guest post websites. These websites has many guest post bloggers and guest post authors. You should also remain focused on your topic. You must write contents for websites where the content is checked and edited before publishing. If you find websites where you can upload content without any questions being asked then you must be careful that the site may be fraud. Before working for any website you must check the contact details because that will prove that the website is authentic. You can use SEMrush to estimate the traffic that a guest blogging website receives. You can check the backlink profiles of the guest bloggers.

Provide accurate and authentic information

You must write to provide useful informative content for the readers. Your content must help the readers in some issue. It must provide them with the solution they were searching for. You must provide information that is true and thus you can build the trustworthiness.

Researchguest blogging

A good researched article is always readily acceptable. Google also does not prevent uploading such articles. You must avoid copying from other guest’s posts. This is strictly prohibited. You can take ideas and give them a shape on your own.

Repurpose Articles

You can use an article which you have written earlier for some other purpose in guest blogging sites. You can write and rewrite it again and again. But it is always better to create original and new contents each time. This increases your credibility and readers rely on the information you provide. If you create original contents each time it adds value to your writings.

Link building strategy

guest bloggingThe links you provide to your content is analyzed. It will not at all look original if all the links are from guest blogging sites. There are many ways of building links.

Your content must be rich pieces including infographics, quizzes, calendars, etc. link the brand you are writing for. Research your competitors. You can run a competition offer discounts and contribute to charities you can also attend events. Link building can be achieved through Guest Blogging.

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