5 Benefits of Using and Illuminated Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is an essential bathroom accessory. It’s highly uncommon to find a bathroom with no mirror, so it’s important that when designing your bathroom you pick the right one for you. People are can be quite vain, you’ll often find people spending hours and hours in front of a mirror making sure they look their best. The mirror plays a big part in everyday life so it’s important you pick one you’re happy with.

If you’re looking for a mirror to put in your bathroom then I can only recommend an illuminated bathroom mirror that’s anti-fog and has a good quality light fitted into it. Of course, a traditional single-piece mirror with engravings and coloured surround look beautiful but they’re not very functional for everyday use. You’ll come to find that a nice bathroom mirror is extremely handy, especially if it’s illuminated.
Here are my top 5 benefits to owning an illuminated mirror.

1. LightingModern Mirror
The majority of illuminated bathroom mirrors will use LED lighting to help form a clean and clear image. LEDs are known for being highly energy efficient as they produce more light with much less heat. LED’s are very bright so you won’t struggle to see yourself when using it to apply your make-up, or for shaving. The light creates a great focal point in the bathroom and fits in with any style.

2. Size
When shopping for an illuminated mirror you’ll find that they’re available in many shapes, sizes, and designs. The newer ones are made slimmer to accommodate additional features. Space is becoming quite a concern in standard modern houses and bathrooms especially are much more compact than what they used to be which is why an illuminated mirror is perfect. It will help to create the illusion of space and is a brilliant bathroom décor.

3. Quality of Glass
The glass that is used in making illuminated mirrors is quite different to ordinary, or traditional glass. Illuminated mirrors tend to use high-quality magnification glass panels which help to improve the quality of your reflection. The strength of the magnification can vary so pick one that’s right for you.

4. Anti-Fog
Most illuminated mirrors have an anti-fog feature built into the mirror, which allows quick de-mystification. This means that when you come to look in the mirror it will be clear of fog at all times.

5. Additional Storage Space
As well as it being a standard mirror you can also buy illuminated mirrors that come in the form of a cabinet. These illuminated mirror cabinets come in various designs, which is great for when you have a bathroom with little space.

Have we convinced you to buy an illuminated bathroom mirror?
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  1. Saying that the bathroom mirror is an essential accessory is an understatement for my wife; she spends hours in front of it everyday! One of the things that my parents had was an illuminated mirror, and I think that would be a nice present for my wife for her birthday. We will definitely go with tLED’s as they are indeed energy efficient. Thanks for the tips in other aspects of mirrors like size, as I may have it resized too.

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