Why Presentation Is So Important

It’s an age-old adage that presentation is everything, but it’s true. What would the Oscars be without their red carpet or the royal wedding with the balcony kiss? What would Tiffany’s be without the iconic turquoise box or Cartier without it’s famous red bag?

Presentation is everything and can be the difference between something being ordinary and something feeling extraordinary regardless of its actual cost.

Do we feel really feel the same way about earrings that we buy which come on little plastic display cards from a shop in the high street as we do about those who come all wrapped up in a fabric pouch inside a box from the jewellers?

Once again, presentation is everything, which is why this is a call to all upcoming crafter’s, jewellery designers and creators of beautiful things. Don’t diminish the beauty of your creations by forgetting about the packaging. As we know from the example set by Tiffany’s, Cartier or even the Oscars, it really is what sets you apart from the rest.

Things To Consider When It Comes To Packaging:

Packaging, as we have established, is more than just something that you put your items in so they don’t get damaged. It is protector of your creation, an extension of your brand, a larger, tangible representation of all that your product and all that your brand stand for.

When considering your packaging think, what does the label look like? What does the box feel like? Are the fabric pouches better in silk or suede? All of these things need to be consistent throughout your collection and most importantly in keeping with your brand.

Packaging, when associated with a quality product such as jewellery for example isn’t dis-guarded and thrown in the bin. It is kept, sometimes displayed and often treasured. It becomes an extension of the item you bought.

So remember this article when thinking about how to package your products. When it comes to being creating a brand and an experience, presentation really is everything.

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