10 Interesting Facts About Mirrors – That You Probably Didn’t Know

5 interesting facts about mirrosrs
5 Interesting Facts About Mirrors - That You Probably Didn’t Know

We all look in mirrors every day whether it’s LED Bathroom mirrors to shave in, an illuminated mirror used to apply makeup or a rear view mirror to check who is behind when driving. Aside from their everyday uses mirrors are used for all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Here are a few interesting facts about mirrors that you probably didn’t know:

Fact #1 – In ancient times water was used for mirrors

The first forms of mirrors appeared in ancient times when they would simply use a pool of dark water, or a dark container filled with water. This only changed in around 6000 BC when polished glass began to be used.

Fact #2 – Mirrors reflect sound as well as light

The second of our interesting facts about mirrors and that is mirrors that reflect sound waves are known as acoustic mirrors. Before the development of radar, mirrors were used in the Second World War to detect sounds coming from enemy aircraft.

Fact #3 – There are mirrors on the moon

A formation of mirrors and lasers on the moon, as well as a telescope down on earth, are used to measure the distance to the moon. This distance changes because of the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth, so it is important that such a facility exists.

Fact #4 – Mirrors reflect matter

Mirrors can reflect matter just as they do light. These mirrors are known as atomic mirrors. They use an electromagnetic field to reflect neutral atoms and are used to trap slow atoms or to focus an atomic beam.

Fact #5 – Mirrors can split light

Mirrors can be used to split light and this is why they are commonly used in telescopes and other scientific instruments. These are generally called beam splitters, as a beam of light is focused on the splitter part of the beam will carry on, on its original course while the other veers off at a ninety-degree angle.

Fact #6 – Mirrors can cause hallucinations

A creepy fact about mirrors is that research has found that mirrors can cause hallucinations. Now being researched, many people and have declared that if you sit in a darkened room about 3ft away from a mirror and stare at your reflection for about 10 minutes, you could start hallucinating. This is caused from the small distortions developing within your reflection. Other people have declared seeing other human faces appear, as well as, animal faces. 

Fact #7 – Mirrors were invented over 200 years ago 

Mirrors are not a new investigation and were originally invented over 200 years ago in Germany. Created by chemist, Justus Von Liebig in 1835, he discovered that if you apply a thin layer of metallic silver to clear glass you can create the reflective surface, the mirror. 

Fact #8 – Roman superstition about myths

Have you ever wondered where the superstition that if you broke a mirror, you would bring seven years of bad luck stems from. Our fun fact about mirror number 8 and that is that this ancient superstition dates all the way back to the Roman times

The Romans believe that if you were to break a mirror, you would damage both your soul and life which are renewed every seven years. In turn causing seven years of bad luck. 

Fact #9 – Bloody Mary Mirror Folklore 

When it comes to creepy facts about mirrors, none can beat the mirror folklore of Bloody Mary. A myth that we are too wimpish to try out for ourselves, it is said that if you chant ‘Bloody Mary’ 13 times in a dark room while looking at the mirror, she will appear. This myth dates back to 1978 and is believed to call upon a vengeful spirit, a creepy fact about mirror. 

Fact #10 – Animals can recognise themselves in the mirror

The final of our mirror facts and that is there are some species of animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror. When discovering which animals can see themselves, a mirror test is often discovered to discover the self-awareness of the animal.

Which animals possess this self-awareness? From dolphins, elephants, chimpanzees, to even magpies. Each of these animals have been discovered through research to see and recognise their own reflection in the mirror


Who knew that mirrors can be used for so many different things? Do you have any interesting facts about concave mirrors? We would love to hear about them in the comments.


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