10 Interesting and Creepy Facts About Mirrors – That You Probably Didn’t Know

14 interesting facts about mirrors
14 Interesting Facts About Mirrors - That You Probably Didn’t Know

Let’s start off by answering a few questions, are mirrors actually scary?

That depends, this is completely subjective and varies from person to person. For some, mirrors may be associated with superstitions or cultural beliefs about the supernatural. The fear of mirrors is known as “catoptrophobia.” Some people may also have a fear of seeing something unexpected or frightening in the reflection.

In literature and films, mirrors are sometimes used to create a sense of mystery or horror, contributing to the idea that they can be portals to other dimensions or reveal hidden entities. Additionally, the fear of mirrors may be connected to psychological factors, such as the fear of one’s own reflection or the unknown.

Who invented mirrors?

German chemist Justus von Liebig is credited with inventing the silvered-glass mirror in 1835. His process involved depositing a thin layer of metallic silver onto glass through the chemical reduction of silver nitrate using a wet deposition method.

Why are mirrors so creepy?


creepy mirror


The perception of mirrors as creepy or unsettling is subjective and often tied to various cultural, psychological, and historical factors. One reason is the element of the unknown – the reflection in the mirror may appear familiar yet slightly different, creating an eerie feeling.

Why are we so scared of mirrors?

Eisoptrophobia, or the fear of mirrors, can result from a number of things. Self-image issues are a prevalent cause, since people may be afraid of seeing perceived imperfections or unfavourable representations of themselves. Furthermore, some people may connect mirrors to superstitions, folklore, or other paranormal beliefs. This could cause them to be afraid of the unknown or the chance of seeing something unexpected in their reflection. It’s critical to understand that fears are subjective and can differ from person to person. In order to address the underlying reasons for worries, it’s frequently necessary to go into the experiences, beliefs, and psychological aspects of the fear. In addition, some people could associate mirrors with folklore, superstitions, or other unexplained beliefs. It’s important to recognise that concerns are irrational and vary from individual to person.

Here are more than 10 interesting and creepy facts about mirrors that you probably didn’t know:

In ancient times water was used for mirrors

The first forms of mirrors appeared in ancient times when they would simply use a pool of dark water, or a dark container filled with water. This only changed in around 6000 BC when polished glass began to be used.

Mirrors reflect sound as well as light

The second of our interesting facts about mirrors and that is mirrors that reflect sound waves are known as acoustic mirrors. Before the development of radar, mirrors were used in the Second World War to detect sounds coming from enemy aircraft.

There are mirrors on the moon

A formation of mirrors and lasers on the moon, as well as a telescope down on earth, are used to measure the distance to the moon. This distance changes because of the moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth, so it is important that such a facility exists.

Mirrors reflect matter

Mirrors can reflect matter just as they do light. These mirrors are known as atomic mirrors. They use an electromagnetic field to reflect neutral atoms and are used to trap slow atoms or to focus an atomic beam.

Mirrors can split light

Mirrors can be used to split light and this is why they are commonly used in telescopes and other scientific instruments. These are generally called beam splitters, as a beam of light is focused on the splitter part of the beam will carry on, on its original course while the other veers off at a ninety-degree angle.

Mirrors can cause hallucinations

A creepy fact about mirrors is that research has found that mirrors can cause hallucinations. Now being researched, many people and have declared that if you sit in a darkened room about 3ft away from a mirror and stare at your reflection for about 10 minutes, you could start hallucinating. This is caused from the small distortions developing within your reflection. Other people have declared seeing other human faces appear, as well as, animal faces. 

Mirrors were invented over 200 years ago 

Mirrors are not a new investigation and were originally invented over 200 years ago in Germany. Created by chemist, Justus Von Liebig in 1835, he discovered that if you apply a thin layer of metallic silver to clear glass you can create the reflective surface, the mirror. 

Roman superstition about myths

Have you ever wondered where the superstition that if you broke a mirror, you would bring seven years of bad luck stems from. Our fun fact about mirror number 8 and that is that this ancient superstition dates all the way back to the Roman times

The Romans believe that if you were to break a mirror, you would damage both your soul and life which are renewed every seven years. In turn causing seven years of bad luck. 

Bloody Mary Mirror Folklore 

When it comes to creepy facts about mirrors, none can beat the mirror folklore of Bloody Mary. A myth that we are too wimpish to try out for ourselves, it is said that if you chant ‘Bloody Mary’ 13 times in a dark room while looking at the mirror, she will appear. This myth dates back to 1978 and is believed to call upon a vengeful spirit, a creepy fact about mirror. 

Animals can recognise themselves in the mirror

There are some species of animals that can recognize themselves in the mirror. When discovering which animals can see themselves, a mirror test is often discovered to discover the self-awareness of the animal. Which animals possess this self-awareness? From dolphins, elephants, chimpanzees, to even magpies. Each of these animals have been discovered through research to see and recognise their own reflection in the mirror.

The Black Mirror

Black mirrors also known as obsidian mirrors, have been used in various occult practices for centuries. It is believed that these mirrors possess the ability to reveal hidden knowledge, communicate with spirits, or even glimpse into the future. They are often associated with dark and mysterious rituals.

The Mirror Box

The concept of the “mirror box” is believed to have originated from a supernatural practice called the “Midnight Game.” Participants place a mirror inside a box and carry it around a darkened house while trying to avoid the Midnight Man, a malevolent entity said to appear when summoned. The mirror inside the box is thought to amplify the supernatural energy or provide protection.

The Mirror’s Reflection:

According to certain superstitions, mirrors have the power to distort or reveal one’s true reflection. Some believe that mirrors can show an altered version of oneself, reflecting hidden aspects or even parallel versions of the person staring into it. This notion creates an eerie and unsettling idea that mirrors may not always reflect reality.

The Mirror’s Gateway

In folklore and paranormal lore, mirrors have been considered as gateways or portals for spirits and entities to enter our world. Some tales suggest that if a mirror is cracked or broken, it can serve as a bridge for supernatural beings to cross over into our reality, bringing with them negative energy or even curses.

In conclusion

Mirrors have a captivating and mystical allure that transcends their practical purpose. Beyond reflecting our physical appearance, they hold a realm of superstition, folklore, and supernatural beliefs. From the use of black mirrors in occult practices to the notion of distorted reflections and hidden dimensions, mirrors have long been associated with the eerie and the otherworldly.

Through rituals and divination, mirrors have been regarded as gateways to communicate with spirits or glimpse into the future. Legends tell of haunted mirrors, where trapped souls or vengeful entities linger. The power of mirrors to distort reality and reveal hidden aspects of ourselves adds to their mystique.

Superstitions surrounding mirrors warn of the potential consequences of breaking them, with tales of seven years of bad luck or the belief that shattered mirrors can serve as portals for negative energies. From the ancient Roman belief in the soul-shattering consequences of mirror breakage to the enduring urban legend of Bloody Mary, mirrors have stirred our collective imagination.

While these supernatural facts about mirrors may instill a sense of fascination or unease, it is important to remember that they belong to the realm of folklore and human imagination. Nevertheless, they continue to intrigue and spark curiosity about the unexplained forces that may reside within the reflective surfaces we encounter daily.

So, the next time you gaze into a mirror, take a moment to ponder the unseen mysteries that may dwell within. The supernatural tales woven around mirrors remind us that there is more to these seemingly ordinary objects than meets the eye.


Why is the two-way mirror considered creepy?

creepy two way mirror

The perception of a two-way mirror as creepy or unsettling often stems from the potential invasion of privacy it implies. A two-way mirror, also known as a one-way mirror, is a partially reflective surface that allows one side to be reflective (like a mirror) and the other side to be transparent, allowing observers on one side to see through. This design is often used in interrogation rooms, police line-ups, or surveillance situations.

What is the spiritual meaning of a mirror?

Mirrors are seen as symbolic reflections of truth in the realm of spirituality, representing a connection to reality.

What is the secret behind mirrors?

The secret behind mirrors lies in their ability to reflect and reveal, both physically and metaphorically. On a physical level, mirrors bounce back light, allowing us to see ourselves and the world around us. Metaphorically, mirrors have been entwined with symbolism, representing self-awareness, introspection, and even the mystical

Why shouldn’t you sleep near a mirror?

In the realm of bedroom Feng Shui, it is believed that mirrors have the capacity to reflect energy. Placing a mirror directly in front of the bed is thought to generate a disruptive flow of energy, potentially leading to sleep disturbances or unsettling dreams.

Why are mirrors in dreams scary?

It often depends on your expectations and preconceived notions of what you anticipate seeing. There’s a common narrative about individuals encountering frightening or unsettling images in dream mirrors, and this can shape your own experiences to align with similar outcomes.


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