7 Tips For Your St Patrick’s Day Marketing


With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, it is time for your business to break out its shamrock special and plan an effective St. Patrick’s marketing campaign. People of all kinds will be celebrating on this lucky day and it is a great opportunity for businesses to bring in new customers.  

In fact, St. Patty’s Day is one of the most overloaded days of the year for businesses. People love celebrating this holiday because it gives them a chance to let loose and spend some time relaxing with friends. So bring some of that luck of the Irish to your business by trying some of these holiday marketing tactics.


1. Post on Social Media

A cost-efficient way to get people talking about your St. Patty’s specials and to promote your St. Patrick’s marketing campaign is to blast your holiday events on social media and across your content marketing. Younger crowds get most of their news on their phones, so you are more likely to reach them if you are posting in the spaces they read today. This will also be a cost-effective way to spread the message as people can easily share your posts with their friends to schedule an easy meetup. You could even give customers some incentive to share your post by offering prize giveaways or discounts for people who share and like your post. 

2. Holiday Spirit Discounts

You can promote sales by offering a discount to customers who come to your establishment in green or gold. Anything that improves the atmosphere in your business is sure to boost sales. This is also the only day of the year where everyone wants to wear all the green they own because there is no other day like it. Which means, offering a discount on green terms, is a great idea for bars and restaurants to attract people looking forward to dressing up and going out with friends. If you are an online site running a holiday discount, make sure to promote this discount through an optimised Google Ads campaign for maximum success. 

3. Four-leafed Clover Hunt

A fun way to get customers involved with your business, restaurant, or store, is to camouflage a basket of four-leaf clovers all over your establishment for your customers to find. You can go as far as to offer prizes or food and drinks for finding clovers. You could also have your customers see who can collect the most to win the pot at the end of the rainbow. This will attract customers who will stay in your business longer, and they could even find a product or service they never would have tried without exploring. No matter how you organize it, this is a great way to get people talking about what you have to offer. 

4. Lucky Leprechaun Contest

It has been said that people who believe they are lucky will often be luckier. You can host a Luck of the Irish competition for those who are looking to put this to the test. This is simply a competition of luck that can be administered in many ways. For example, you could conduct a raffle with a questionnaire included, and offer prizes to the winner. This helps collect data about your customers and what they want to see more of from your business.

5. Promote Customer Involvement

When your customers are engaged and involved in your brand, you will be more likely to succeed. This is due in part to your customers being able to communicate to you what they want out of your business. If you give your customers what they ask for, then you can count on them consistently returning to your business. Remember, if you can effectively engage with your customers, then you will never have to guess how you can improve your business.

6. Try a Clover Takeover

After you have launched your St. Patrick’s marketing campaign, you can create more buzz by letting a Leprechaun on your story. Social media takeovers are a popular trend today that involve handing over your social media accounts to a relevant and informative source. They post stories on your behalf to give the audience behind the scenes content they wouldn’t normally see. On this St. Patrick’s day you can hire a leprechaun to boast and create excitement on social media about your upcoming specials.

7. Seasonal Specials

For a lot of people, this is sort of a reset where you can let loose and forget about work for a day or two. Why not make things even more fun by discounting your seasonal products. This will allow your customer base to be decked out in festive gear and advertise your brand. Not only will they be able to rep your products all year, but it will also get them excited for next year’s specials and events.

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