Children’s Orthotics Company Marked as One to Watch for 2016

Innovative Childrens Orthotics Company Marked as One to Watch for 2016

New ventures with ambition and determination to bring new services and products to the UK business market are essential in boosting our economy. With so many incentives to encourage new businesses to get off the ground, the time is ripe. One such company that has been labelled as “One to Watch for 2016” by Richard Branson is Andiamo.

Who are Andiamo?

Andiamo is a small group of medical technicians that set up just over a year ago with the aim to provide any person, worldwide, with the medical orthotics that they need within only one week. This is to be achieved with 3D scanning and printing technology.

Adult and children’s orthotics is only their first challenge and sounds to be just the tip of the medical device iceberg.

The History

The drive and passion for the business is the inspiration of two parents that sadly lost their disabled son, who suffered from cerebral palsy. It was the frustration of the length of time it took to receive orthotics and other required medical devices that spurred the couple to start their own business. By the time the orthotics were received the child had often grown out of them, making them ill-fitting and uncomfortable.

The Vision

Naveed and Samiya Parvez have since vowed to build healthcare solutions for disabled children so that no parent should have to go through what they went through. They promise delivery of children’s orthotics in a week and a service driven by empathy.

Getting Started

It was the inspirational story of a 3D printed exoskeleton helping a young girl to be able to walk that spurred the Naveed and Samiya to look further into 3D printing technology to see if would help them with children’s orthotics. Bingo! They had a solution to producing timely orthotics and cost effective ones too.

No sooner had the solution come to light than a crowdfunding campaign was put into place to fund their new, innovative service project.

Working Today

Andiamo use 3D scanning technology to create a biomechanical model of the body of the child, from which 3D printing can be used to design a bespoke orthotic that fits the individual child. In just 48 hours Andiamo can design and produce an orthosis using their revolutionary production process.

The Future

There are a range of conditions that raise a need for orthotics treatment including cerebral palsy, strokes, spina bifida and even the side effects of chemotherapy. With over 100 million people worldwide that require an orthotic Andiamo plan to break the NHS with their model, and get them to understand that is not the initial cost that should be their focus but the entire pathway cost which could be saving money with the delivery of a better service.

The company are currently testing their service with families in the UK. If this proves successful the next few years will see Andiamo go Worldwide.

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