What Are Metal Spinning Services?

Metal Spinning Services Explained

The axially symmetric products from a metal spinning company fulfill a very niche market, or so you might think.

When considering just what it is that metal spinning services provide, I have to say I was pretty challenged, so I looked among products I use daily. Pots and pans, metal plant pots, lampshades and even finials are everyday items spun from metal that we probably take for granted every day.

That was my limited knowledge of items produced by metal spinners, simply not good enough for a person like me that likes to have a least an inkling of most things. So, my curiosity leads me to the internet of course.

Google informs me that there is a metal spinning company in my local vicinity that offers a broad spectrum of metal spinning services, thanks to their extensive experience and skill.

Their levels of metal spinning services starts from creating prototypes, through development stages to producing large batch quantities for both the UK and international markets. They purport to exactly meet the full requirements of the customers with their bespoke solutions.

I give my thanks to this company, Excell Metal Spinning, for satisfying my curiosity and introducing me to the world of manufacturing with metal spinning. Here is what I learnt:

The Definition of Metal Spinning

Metal Spinning produces axially symmetric parts from a blank sheet of metal. These are parts that if turned on their axis look the same. For a process that derives its skills from that of a spinning potter’s wheel, it is very surprising to learn that the advanced technology used in metal spinning today produces parts whose integrity and durability is second to none. The items produced range from the tiniest of engine parts, hose adapters to dustbin lids. It is a very diverse area of the manufacturing industry.

What is CNC Metal Spinning?

CNC metal spinning uses computer controlled lathes to produce parts with an ultra smooth finish with increased consistency. CNC lathes are also fundamental to the manufacture being carried out with greater speed and accuracy.

What is Hydraulic Metal Spinning

Hydraulic spinning enables the spun production of small components from thicker raw materials. Hydraulic presses are used to control the pressure and speed of the spinning operation.

What is MIG and TIG Welding

This is the process that enables the coalescence of metals by heating them with an arc. It facilitates the production of cylindrical and spherical components by the two halves being welded together.

What is Light Fabrication

The cutting, shaping, joining and finishing of the metal is carried out by a fabricator. They produce moulds or patterns for metal castings, apply coatings working with a range of materials, as well as maintain and repair metal structures and products.


So that summarises my limited knowledge of metal spinning. It has certainly opened my eyes to the capabilities of our manufacturing industry which is currently making a bold statement in the UK. This skill is certainly not what I thought it was and is certainly nothing like spinning a ceramic pot, which is what first sprung to my mind. As they say, every day is a school day.

Have you been surprised by something new you have learnt recently? Perhaps it has sparked a new hobby or interest. Let us know in the comments.

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