Clothing Swing Ticket Design Tips – Building your Brand

Swing Ticket Design

Swing Ticket Design Influences the Buying Decision

A custom swing ticket design can influence the buying decision of the consumer, so it is important that you get the design just right. A poor swing ticket design could be associated with poor quality clothing. So what should you consider when designing your branded swing tags?

What is a swing ticket?

Swing tickets hang from the coathanger or garment in a store. For this reason, they are also known as “hang tags”. A lot of customers use them to see more details about the garment, so having the right apparel hang tag is vital.

Mirror your Market

There are a vast number of sectors in the clothing market from kids clothing to designer high-end clothing. It is important that your swing ticket reflects the market that you are targeting. For example, if you are targeting children’s clothing the swing ticket should be brightly coloured with engaging imagery.

Even for children’s clothing, there are different target markets. If you are selling clothes for very young children then the labelling should be targeted towards the parents, the people that will be purchasing the items.

It is very important to have a defined demographic and keep that demographic in mind when designing your swing tags or tickets and other branded labelling as it can enhance the customer’s view of your product.

Instruct your Audience

A swing ticket on clothing is an opportunity for you to talk to your customers and try to convince them to buy your garment. Use the swing tag to tell your customers what the garment should be used for and why it is a good product for that purpose. For example, if you are selling sports equipment communicate what sports the garment should be used for.

Remember, items of clothing are often bought as gifts so there is the possibility that the person purchasing the item may not know anything about the specialist areas the garment is for.

Include Images

Images are key in a good swing ticket design to show your potential customers how the garment will look without them having to try it on. This is particularly important when the item is a gift, or simply being bought for someone else. It is also a good way to suggest other items of clothing in your range that this item will look good with. So, a good upselling opportunity.

Show Off Your Brand Name

Probably the prime reason for your tag or ticket is to show who made the product and make your customers brand aware. Make the brand name easy to find on the ticket as this is synonymous with high-quality clothing. That said, it is still important that your ticket is written to attract the demographic of your brand.

An easily identifiable swing ticket design will encourage brand recognition and a recollection of the purchase, which will encourage return purchase and therefore increase sales.

Include Contact Information

Including contact information, such as the company web address means that customers will be able to find your full range of clothing easily. Don’t forget that many stores will only stock part of your clothing range, or may not have the size or colour the customer is looking for. Including details of the company website and phone number can mean that sales are not lost.

In Summary

Consider your clothing swing tag design carefully. An ill-designed tag could lose you business. Every item your business uses to communicate is key to building your brand.

Do you have any questions regarding your hang or swing ticket design ideas? Why not ask us in the comments?

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