4 Amazing American Inventions Used In the UK Daily

Cool American Inventions
Cool American Inventions used in the UK Everyday

Love them or hate them, Americans have introduced many inventions that us Brits simply couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do without. Consider these, would you give any of them up?

The Hollywood Mirror

The iconic Hollywood Mirror as seen behind the scenes at fashion shoots or backstage at the theatre has become a very popular design feature around UK homes. A wonderful update to standard LED bathroom mirrors. These illuminated mirrors are perfect for makeup application, providing you with great light to enable the creation of a flawless finish to your desired look.  

Aside from it’s most obvious advantages and uses the Hollywood Mirror in the UK is also an interior design statement. A chic, en trend art deco addition to any bedroom. Just the look for a beauty vlogging channel too. What girl wouldn’t want one?

Chewing Gum

The sight of people chewing gum is something we see every day. Used to stave off hunger, freshen breath, clean your teeth, or even to stave off toothache, it is a popular substance indeed. Another of the cool American inventions, although it does have it’s downsides. Aside from people walking around chewing like cows on their pasture, not always pleasant, it’s incorrect disposal causes problems and can leave an unsightly, difficult to clean mess involving the need for chewing gum removal machines. Very costly.

Bubble Wrap

Now used as a way to secure fragile items for storage or transportation this is not how the idea started out. The original idea was to design an unique style of bubbly wallpaper. That’s right wallpaper! This didn’t quite work out with the idea quickly being transferred to a greenhouse insulation product, which didn’t go too well either. It was some three years later that the invention found its true vocation with IBM using it to protect 1401’s during transportation. The Sealed Air Company that produces Bubble Wrap has not looked back since. What started out as a crazy American invention has truly become an everyday item.

Vacuum Cleaner

The first electric vacuum cleaner, or hoover as we more commonly say in the UK, dates back to 1906 to an American named James Murray Spangler. A great American invention inspired by the inventors suffering of allergies and asthma.

The vacuum was created using the following:

  • An electric fan motor
  • A soap box
  • A broom handle
  • A Pillowcase
  • A rotating brush

The design was patented in 1908 and later sold to the Hoover Harness and Leather Goods Factory. Hoover is still a major manufacturer of vacuum cleaners and the reason that the word hoover is a verb in the UK.

Do you wonder where some of the everyday items that you use every day come from? Let us know in the comments.

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