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Although we all think we know what we are doing when it comes to buying a car, having a look under the bonnet and kicking a tyre or two doesn’t quite cut it. Buying any new car is a daunting process, for those looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle this feeling is no different. Below is some information, which will hopefully help the decision process feel a little less daunting.

Did you know?

The choice of wheelchair accessible vehicle is more limited than the market for a standard family car, but one of the major advantages is you do not have to pay the cost of the VAT or the cost of the conversion on any vehicle you choose. This saving is extended to services and repairs too.

Did you know?

There is a wheelchair accessible vehicle on the market to suit your specific needs. In order to offer the most affective mobility solution for wheelchair users, vehicles can be adapted to have ramps at the rear, or the side or to include lifts to make gaining access as easy as possible.

Did you know?

Wheelchair accessible vehicle are now as modern and comfortable as standard cars. 21st century drivers have come accustom to luxuries such as power steering, electric windows and a CD player in their cars. Just because your vehicle has been adapted doesn’t mean you should miss out on any of these features and you don’t have to. Wheelchair accessible vehicles take into consideration other more specific factors too such as heating, versatility and the way free space can be utilized.


Whilst there are more things to consider when looking for a wheelchair accessible vehicle than a standard car, any reputable retailer will be able to assist you in finding exactly the right vehicle for you. If you remember nothing else, make sure you go armed with a list of your needs and requirements, taking into considerations things like access, number of people likely to be using the vehicle at anyone time and how much luggage/ aids you will need to carry with you and I guarantee you’ll find your perfect vehicle in no time.

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