Hobbledown – Childrens Farm Surrey

Hobbledown Childrens Farm Surrey


Hobbledown kids farm, Surrey is home to over 100 animals. Situated in Horton, just outside Epsom, Hobbledown is an expansive farm park adventure playground for children and adults of all ages.  Based on the book by A J Kecojevic Hobbledown is a real life adaptation of the world Huck, Tipp and Eliza live and adventure in. Grown entirely from the creative vision of Nick de Candole and Richard Farley, Hobbledown certainly makes fantasy a reality.

Home to a growing collection of animals from around the world, this children’s farm in Surrey offers children the opportunity to come face to face with African pygmy goats, meerkats and chinchilla’s as well as more familiar fur and feathered friends such as chickens, ponies and pigs.

As with all children’s farms interaction is key to child development and enjoyment during the day. All our animals can be spotted whilst exploring Hobbledown but in order to ensure their well being we have a petting corner on our farm specially designed to allow children access without over exposing our animals. The same applies to feeding. Whilst we don’t encourage you feed our animals whilst visiting Hobbledown we do hold controlled feeding sessions throughout the day so that all visitors can experience what it’s like to feed our animals. This ensures that everyone’s happy.

Whether it is the summer holidays or the weekend, Hobbledown children farm, Surrey is a fantastic way to learn, explore and lose yourself in a magical world for the morning, afternoon or all day if you wish. We can cater for groups, organize birthday parties and even offer Hobbledown Farmer Experience days if you really want to get stuck in. One visitor said of their experience, “I visted today wth my 7 year old who loved, loved, loved it. Everything is laid out well and the design is amazing. Lovely staff too.

If you are looking for a way to entertain your children and even have some fun yourself, head to www.hobbledown.com to learn more about our incredible, expansive adventure children’s farm in Surrey. What are you waiting for?

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