Tillison Consulting’s ‘Expert Knowledge’ of SEO Pays Off


A Letting Agent in Southampton is seeing the benefit of a 180% increase in organic traffic to its website after a successful collaboration with digital marketing agency Tillison Consulting.

Traditional marketing methods were not producing the desired results for Belvoir Lettings in Southampton.  Putting a trusted business partner in place that understood specific business goals was key to growing the business.  After a meeting with an SEO Specialist at Tillison Consulting, a technical strategy was put into place with outstanding results.

Search Engine Optimisation campaigns can significantly increase the organic traffic to a website.  Tillison Consulting understands it is important not only to increase the traffic but for it to be good quality traffic – traffic that is relevant to the business of the client will increase leads and ultimately sales.

Brian Linehan of Belvoir Lettings says, “Tillison Consulting managed to get our site on the first page of Google for our primary search terms and generating the company plenty of traffic and enquiries.”

In addition to the extra traffic created, the Tillison team configured Google Analytics so that the number of visits could be tracked more effectively in the future, giving Belvoir more meaningful data and measurement such as where customers come from when they visit the site, what medium they used and what pages are the best at converting visitors into enquiries.

Pleased with the success, Linehan said, “the phone is ringing a hell of a lot more now and customers are coming to us with a precise requirement as they understand what we do. We have significantly reduced the amount of irrelevant calls.”

Proud Tillison Consulting MD, Mark Tillison said, “it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in the technical jargon and data involved with digital marketing projects – SEO in particular. My team and I love achieving real results that make clients happy – the phone ringing more is a much more important result than just being ‘number one’ on Google.”

Tillison Consulting is a digital marketing agency specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click and Social Media campaigns.  With a string of successes with hundreds of businesses, Tillison Consulting prides itself on generating high-quality results from an organic approach to improving search engine ranking, customer engagement and lead generation.


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