Living the Party Lifestyle – Our Great Parties Through The Years

My husband and I are what some people may refer to as ‘party animals’. We love to socialise and throw parties so with the summer coming up we’re already looking into doing something different. From fancy dress, masquerade balls, to organising virtual cocktail parties, we’ve done it all so now we really need to find something to impress our friends.

I’m trying to convince my husband to get us a hot tub for the house. He seems to think it will be a waste of money as we already have a large swimming pool, but I know we can have some great party memories if we owned one. He’s just worried about the hot tub service, maintenance and cleaning products but I’m sure I’ll be able to wrap him around my little finger.

Thinking about getting a hot tub and planning a party made me reminisce on some of the old parties we have thrown which have gone with a storm…

Fancy Dress
A few years back we threw a massive fancy dress party under the marquee in the back garden. It was huge! We invited all of our friends but denied them entry unless they were dressed up. Some of the outfits people came in were brilliant! A particular favourite of mine was my brother-in-law who was dressed up as a salt shaker whilst my sister wobbled around as pepper. My husband and I came as Cleopatra and Julius Cesar respectively.

Masquerade Ball
For my 40th Birthday party we decided to throw a fancy masquerade ball. We hired waiters and caterers for the evening to assure myself that I wouldn’t have to lift a finger. Some of the ball gowns and masks people wore were beautiful and I still love going through the pictures every now and again.

If we can’t think of a theme then we just throw a BBQ. My husband has the whole man cooking thing going on when it comes to BBQs which suits me fine! We invite family and friends round, turn the pool heater on and sit round the garden. We love it when it gets to early evening and we can light the patio heaters and candles.

My husband may be worried about the occasional hot tub service, but I think my case is strong enough to convince him. He loves the parties as much as me after all – You can tell that by looking at some of the pictures!


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