Top Tips for Decorating Your Bedroom

If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom this summer you may be looking for some inspiration. To aid in your quest I’ve put together a list of pointers for making your bedroom feel like the perfect summer hang out. From white bedroom furniture to gadgets and gizmos, read on to find out my list of top tips.

If you’re going for a summery feel to the room, white bedroom furniture looks classy and bright. You can buy white goods from most furniture stores but I recommend going to a specialist. White can look cheap if you don’t buy from the best. There are many places that deal with white bedroom furniture but I would recommend New England Lifestyle.

White Bedroom Furniture by New England Lifestyle.

White Bedroom Furniture by New England Lifestyle.


If you’re thinking about incorporating your electronics with your furniture then I would recommend a bed with a built in TV. These have gone down a lot in price over the past few years so you don’t need to worry about breaking the bank. Lamps and alarm clocks can be bought fairly easily but if you’re looking for something funny or interesting then I would recommend taking a look at

If you live in a house where your room gets quite hot and stuffy I would stick to laminated flooring. It makes the room cooler and goes great with white bedroom furniture. Just remember that you can always buy a large rug for the winter months. has a large selection of rugs for the bedroom.

If you’re going for the white theme then I recommend buying a large mirror with a white frame. Little nik-naks such as jewellery boxes and candles can be purchased easily too, to match any chosen colour scheme. Don’t forget you lamp shades and shoe racks!

If you’re redecorating your bedroom then you’re probably going to buy a new wardrobe….and buying a whole load of white bedroom furniture without the clothes to fill it is pretty stupid. Right?

Let’s get shopping!

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