Mac vs PC- Which One Should I Buy?

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Purchasing a laptop can be more of a difficult task than many assume. You have to take into account the price, style, lifeline, software…. The list goes on.

It is easy for the eye to take over and be captivated by a computer with a stunning, sleek design and instantly want to purchase that one. However, you must refrain from wanting to look like the most technologically rich in the office, or the coolest in the class and find a computer that will benefit you and the work you do, rather then just looking high-tech.

The two computers of today that rule the world of ‘inter-netting’ are MacBooks and PC’s. Many people struggle on which to choose and why, sometimes being too afraid to move away from the comfort of a simple PC, or just buying a MacBook because that is what’s popular.

But, you are in luck! This post will discuss the main differences between Macs and PC’s to help you understand which is best for you.


It goes without saying that the Macbook is ultimately known for its sleek, crisp design, and aesthetically pleasing structure- being very photogenic too. Everything is stored away on the inside of the computer, so the outside is just that of a high end shell.

Surprisingly, it is actually made from 100% recycled aluminium alloy.

The minimal style with the simple apple logo (which illuminates when the laptop is on- so cool) is very popular with our generation today, captivating more and more people every time they release a new product. Each new version of a Mac is sold in a simple collection of colours From silver, black, gold, gunmetal grey, and rose gold; satisfying the neutral colour lovers among us. Even though they like to keep things minimal, this doesn’t subside their unique, futuristic ideas. Bringing in mac vs pctouchscreen bars to control your laptop like you would a tablet, and the thinning of the laptops structure each time a new one is released. Perfect for taking up less room and upkeep that classy design.

They keep the style simple to look at, but that doesn’t decrease its attractiveness. It’s just a product people can’t get enough of.

On the other hand, the humble PC has been around for far longer, and although not trumping the computing game in one go. It is slowing changing in style and aesthetic each time a new generation of PC’s are released. Mainly sticking to their black colour scheme (staying nice and clean), the PC works brilliant when displayed as a computer on a work desk, making you really look the business!

The average PC is made up of various components, which is why it’s not as sleek as a MacBook, but still just as stunning. It is typically made up of around 40% steel, 40% plastic, 10% aluminium and 10% other metals such as copper or gold. The different materials make a PC slightly cheaper and lighter (as plastic is actually very light), which is usually a selling point for the laptop. No one wants to lug around a heavy computer after a long day at work!


As you can probably guess, being an apple product, a MacBook isn’t going to hold that of an attractive price tag, no matter how stunning the laptop is itself. Ranging from around £600-£1200 depending on generation and style.

mac vs pcThis may seem like a hefty price to the best of us, but when it comes to apple, it is confirmed that you are getting the best of the best, for the price that you are paying. As stated before, the computer itself, is made from 100% recycled aluminium alloy- no plastic or random metal components, just the most durable material to ensure protection and the sleekest look. Similarly to this, the price point is reflected in the laptops performance and lifeline. Offering intense speed and only the strongest applications, the MacBook is certainly a competition.

The laptop itself is built to last. Crafted from only high-end product with no low value, you are going to get years out of this laptop- and when that is broken down over time, the price works out rather reasonable.

A PC is definitely more generous with their price points. Starting from as little as £200, then reaching up to the higher boundary of around £1000- which is reasonable for how cheap some of their products are in comparison to the £600 starting price that a MacBook obtains. The lower price marks are definitely reflected in the size and software of the laptop, being that of a slightly easier computer to use which is light and simply satisfying. This would be perfect for that of a student or teenager needing a simple laptop for homework.

This is the great thing about the PC’s. They really cater to everyone when it comes to their price tag. A parent would be reluctant to buy a younger child a Mac, but the humble PC would work just perfectly as a personal use laptop for someone of a smaller age.

Software and programmesmac vs pc

Macs set the bar very high when it comes to the software and resources they provide. Using their very own designed software server called ‘Mac OS’, increasing in benefits every time a new update to the computer system is released through the app store- the latest software being OS X 10.10: Yosemite. An amazing feature from this software is a desktop interface with some 3-D appearance characteristics.

That’s the brilliant thing about a MacBook, each update is free, so you can buy one laptop and then constantly stay up to date, as you will be gifted a fair few new features throughout the years of owning one. Each MacBook, when purchased, comes with Apples iLife bundle which consists of iPhoto, iMovie and Garageband-then of course the mandatory apps such as iTunes, app store, safari etc.

The programs on a MacBook are made to benefit the user, which is usually someone within a very professional role, so the programmes have to be quick, clever and trustworthy- which they most certainly are. Sadly, it’s sometimes quite difficult to get your head around the intricate programming if you are used to that of a windows computer, as they are very different. However, once unlocked, there is immense potential with the applications and software of a MacBook, allowing you to do just about anything on one.

Most PC laptops are run by a software called ‘Windows’.

Windows is a very easy to use software, compatible with just about anyone. It allows you to have an array of Microsoft applications which entail just about everything you would need as a business person, student, or just for lifestyle use. It will give you the simply run Microsoft office word, Excel, PowerPoint,and Publisher, suiting all of your needs.

Due to the applications being very easy to understand, it speaks to a larger audience- even the older generation that claim they know nothing about modern technology find windows extremely easy to use! Their low difficulty level also grows confidence in the user; not having to question whether their work is saved, or having inability to find an application, everything is laid out nicely. Similarly, unlike the MacBook, a PC arrives with many more applications attached to it, resulting in you not having to wait and download everything you need before you can begin to play around with your laptop- which is brilliant if you are a busy workman!

Annoyingly, due to being set up with an easy-to-use scheme, the background of the appliances aren’t set up with the deepest or intense layers of coding, making it slightly easier for the Microsoft appliance to be hacked by an outside system. Therefore, you will have to ensure you take extra time to protect your computer against virus’ or hackers, which is a precaution we should all take anyways. And, with all the free time of having everything pre-set up for you in windows, you will be able to get some security in no time.


As discussed earlier, the MacBook collections are made up of 5 simple colours, from gunmetal grey to rose gold- perfect for those of us that love simplicity and class within a laptop. This is also perfect for the business people around that purchase a MacBook for work use- they are guaranteed a professional colour ready for a meeting. Whether that is black, silver or grey.

Each MacBook, when released, continues to grow in technological benefits getting more and more powerful each time.mac vs pc And now, offering cool extras such as the touch toolbar and various thickness’ of each laptop. This is a great selection choice to get the best version of Mac to go with your use aspirations. If that is for personal use, getting a simpler style may be beneficial enough for you. Or, for business use, the newest and strongest version may be your best bet.

However, PC’s trump the MacBook when offering a huge selection of choice for their customers. Ranging from years of windows generation releases, there is a huge collection of computers for you to choose from to best benefit your use, with features and variety that will be sure to fit into anyone’s price range or preference. And comparing the computers windows are producing now, to that of a few years ago, they are definitely going up in the sophisticated technology sector offering clever systems with very helpful additions.

As well as this, PC’s don’t like to be overshadowed when it comes to colour- they are not afraid to be a little daring. They offer almost every colour you could ask for. Of course the businessman isn’t going to want a bring pink laptop. But if you are buying one for personal use, or as a present for a teenager or student, then purchasing one with a cool, bright colour only makes the computer even better, and more suited to the user.

It will also be very helpful when needing to know which laptop is yours if you are doing a school class or presentation, as it wont get buried between the black or white laptops- your one will be sure to stand out on your workstation.

Customer support

macs vs pcOf course every computer retailer will offer you a warranty or protection on you laptop in case any mishaps or damage is caused to it resulting in needing a new one, or servicing. However, if something does unfortunately happen to your laptop, actually finding the issue and fixing it can be a real pain.

Apple offers a professional servicing team to help you with any of your MacBook troubles. If you do find that your computer is broken or has some issues, you can make a simple appointment at your nearest apple store, and have it looked over by a trustworthy worker, who you can tell know what they are doing! Luckily, if the issue can be fixed within one sitting, then you will not have to pay. But if the issue is slightly more major, then an additional cost may have to be made. However a payment would be very much worth the money, for the effort of service you will receive you can be certain that your problem will be fixed in next to no time.

With Microsoft, they similarly have retail stores within the area that you can go to with a customer service group they call the ‘genius bar’. However, sometimes the staff will find it very hard to find the problem for you, or give you some reassurance that your computer will be fine. This is because Microsoft do not manufacture all the computers that they sell. Unlike apple being entirely one brand, PC’s range in brand so much, so it’s more difficult for someone from their Microsoft customer service team to help you. This would annoyingly result in your computer getting sent back to the manufacturer to sort the issue, which could cost a lot of time and money (a valuable attribute when you are using the computer for business). And sadly, there just isn’t as many Microsoft stores about as there are apple, so sending the computer away to be fixed is really the best option.


There are so many pros and cons to the MacBook and PC, each putting up a very strong fight at who is best. Coming down to it, the individual would be the best person to decide which computer is going to best benefit their reasons for purchasing it- such as work related use, coursework/homework, or personal. Overall, each computer is immensely amazing, individual and creative, choose wisely!macs vs pc

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