Breathe Life Back Into Your Workplace: Spring Clean The Office

office, spring clean.
Spring cleaning the office.

Spring marks the season of new life and beginnings. It’s the time when many of us will undertake a deep, spring clean of our homes. But, why neglect your office space?

Chances are it could do with sprucing up too! Revitalise your office space and put a spring back into your business’s productivity and well-being. After all – a “clean office is a clean mind!”

Don’t know where to begin? No worries, here are five quick and easy tips and tricks to help make spring cleaning the office manageable (and, dare I say it – fun!)

1) Take It Easy

So, you’re pumped up and raring to go, you’ve scheduled a free day out of your diary and you’re going to blitz your office in record time. But, where do you start?

STOP! Put down the boxes and feather duster.

Trying to de-clutter an entire space in one day is likely to only set yourself up for failure. It’s easy to take one look at all the items in a room and panic yourself into a frenzy. Instead, make a plan. Divide your office into smaller pieces, such as the stationary cupboard, the kitchen and the desks. Focus on cleaning each designated area one at a time. This gives you clear goals to focus on and a sense of achievement each time an area has been cleaned.

Remember! Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t expect your office to magically be transformed in one go.

2) Hoarding Is OK! But Just Not In The Office!

It’s inevitable that you’re going to come across various items and belongings that have some value to you and your company, or those that you don’t really need, but you can’t bear to part with.  

Self-storage is the perfect solution. Using business storage solutions means you can securely store items and belongings for as little as a few pounds a week with immediate access.

Commercial storage is ideal for keeping any spare desks, electronic equipment, files and any other business possessions safe. Office storage solutions are safe, secure and cost-effective and means your workplace will no longer resemble a dumping ground.

3) All Hands On Deck

Lend a hand and get everyone in the office involved in sprucing up the workplace. This will turn what seems like an enormous task into a quicker and easier one. Plus, it makes for a great team building exercise too. Add an element of competition and you’ll be surprised at how motivated your colleagues suddenly become.

Split up into teams and race against each other, or play a bingo-style game where you get points if you find certain items.

Bonus points for whoever finds the boss’ tie he lost from the Christmas party circa 2011.

4) Four Box Challenge

It may be an old housewives trick, but it’s a foolproof de-clutter method.

The idea is very simple:

Set up four boxes:

    • Keep: items that you will keep in the office.
    • Donate: items you no longer need but can be useful to someone else.
  • Bin: items which you will throw away.

Work your way through all your items and place them in one of the four designated boxes.

Easy peasy.

5) Icing On The Space

So, you’ve cleaned, cleared and completely overhauled your office?  It’s looking great and is totally transformed from what it used to look like.

But, is it still missing that certain je ne sais quoi? Add some finishing touches to your clutter-free office that really spruce up the space. Buy some fresh (or artificial) flowers and place them around the room, add a fragrant air freshener or put up a new piece of wall art.

Better still, apply a fresh lick of paint and replace the old commercial carpet tiles with a quick guide to planning your office space, making it more funky and hey presto!

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