Serviced Apartments Over Hotels: What Are The Benefits For Companies?

serviced apartment
serviced apartment

Hotels are typically the first port of call when booking accommodation for business travel, but many companies don’t consider serviced apartments when finding somewhere to stay. You are probably wondering why you should consider serviced accommodation when hotels provide you with exactly what you need – rooms with a bed, shower and food. Serviced apartments have plenty of benefits to suit business travellers looking for a relaxing and comfortable space to live in and are a fantastic alternative to hotel rooms, and with the current growth of the industry, their availability is set to keep rising. Listed below are four reasons you should consider serviced apartments over hotels.

Cheaper Price

Serviced apartments typically work out up to 25% cheaper than hotel rooms due to coming with fewer extra charges and the longer you and your colleagues stay, the cheaper it becomes – perfect for business travel which can require lengthy stays. Lengthy stays in hotel rooms can cripple company financial budgets, not to mention that hotels aren’t always in good locations business-wise, which can upsurge travel costs. As an extra incentive, you can also save money with the in-room washer and dryer and by cooking meals in the serviced apartment’s kitchen.

Although the accommodation is cheaper, they are well known for their quality and comfort. In a serviced accommodation, you can be sure to live in well-looked after apartment and sleep in peace, in a comfy, bespoke bed.

Less Housekeeping

You’re likely to be thinking: ‘how is less housekeeping a good thing?!’, when one great thing about hotels is not having to make your own bed and keep the room tidy. But, think about it – how often have you been interrupted when the cleaner comes and knocks on the door? This can become annoying especially if you’re wanting to have a small office meeting with no distractions. Serviced apartments come with a cleaner that comes to the apartment on a weekly basis, which means that the apartment is kept clean and you’re not disturbed.

More Space

If you’re on a long business trip, being confined to a small room in a hotel can be unsettling. Serviced apartments come with an abundance of space due to having separate rooms for living and dining (and other rooms too depending on where you’re staying). Serviced apartments also often come with private outside space such as a garden and balcony. And with Town or Country, who provide serviced apartments in Southampton, you’re guaranteed plenty of space for you and your colleagues.


Having your own kitchen gives you flexibility with meals that you just can’t get in hotels – you eat want you want and when you want. This is especially great if you work unsociable hours with early starts and need to cook something for the day ahead. Late finishes are also common with business travel and you can easily reheat leftovers from the night before. Having your own kitchen, domestic appliances to hand and modern quartz worktops for preparing your own food is also beneficial for those with certain dietary requirements.

It can be hard finding serviced apartments in Southampton that really give you that ‘home from home’ feeling when on a lengthy business trip. They can also come with perks that hotels often have such as a pool and gym, so you aren’t sacrificing amenities. Town or Country’s serviced apartments in Southampton are the perfect starting point, not just for work, but for exploring the city too. If you’re needing business lets Southampton, Town or Country make your business trip just that bit more satisfying.

But this doesn’t mean you should completely rule our hotels.

Some hotels can be budget-friendly, but depending on where you stay, that could mean you are not paying for quality.

If your company approves a budget then you may be able to enjoy the benefits of staying in a hotel:

  • You don’t have to worry about cooking or washing up
  • Someone else will make the bed for you
  • Standards will be kept high due to strict regulations, for example, food and water standards in hotels
  • Networking

Where do you prefer to stay on your business trip?

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