Serviced Apartments Over Hotels: What Are The Benefits For Companies?

serviced apartment
serviced apartment

As a nation, when we hear the word ‘business trip’ our first initial thought is “where am I going to stay?”. We instantly head to the much simpler option of booking a hotel room for our few day visit, and usually stick to the cheapest option with a location we think will possibly benefit.
However, many companies fail to think beyond the ordinary ‘Premier inn’ or quick B&B, as these provide exactly what you need-no questions asked. But, there is in fact far more options to choose from that provide you a comfortable and relaxing stay over the length of your business trip. For example, maybe considering serviced accommodation would be beneficial to you.

Serviced apartments have many profitable attributes to ensure your stay is as positive as possible and with the current growth of the industry, it is certain it will not be hard to find one near your next business trip location.

Listed below are some of the reasons why you should consider serviced apartments on your next trip.

Cheaper Price

It is highly likely that you are assuming a serviced apartment will be of higher price compared to that of a hotel room, as you are essentially staying in a small home rather than just a room. However, shockingly, a serviced apartment works out to be around 25% cheaper than a hotel room due to it obtaining far fewer service charges. Similarly to this, an even better attribute is the longer you and your colleagues stay in the living suite, the cheaper it becomes- perfect for business travel which usually requires a lengthy stay.

A long stay in a hotel room can cripple company financial budgets, decreasing the amount of business trips you can take, which are usually a very beneficial excursion for your company. Including that it is usually very hard to find a hotel in a good location business-wise, which can contribute to the high travel costs. Finding a serviced apartment in a local area can increase the productivity and overall outcome of your business trip. Being close to cities or even public transport, allows you to go out and make the most use of your time and really reap the benefits of the stay.

As an extra incentive, due to staying in liveable accommodation, you are provided with a washer-dryer and cooker. So, you can save more money by washing your own clothes over the trip and cooking your own meals rather then ordering room service/going out to eat.
Complimenting the cheaper price, serviced accommodation are well known for the quality and comfort of their suites. From renting this, you can be sure to live in a well-looked after apartment promising a satisfying sleep in a comfy, bespoke bed.

Less Housekeeping

One of the best things about staying in a hotel, is not having to tidy up after yourself. So it is likely that you are thinking: ‘how is less housekeeping a good thing?’. However, there is an upside to this attribute.

How many times have you been interrupted by a few little knocks on the door, as your cleaner is waiting outside? Maybe you’ve had to get up at a strict time and leave your room, just so a cleaner can come in?- this is of course a common annoyance when all you want to do is rest in between working, or you are possibly in the middle of a small meeting that you hoped would entail no distractions. You could have an important Skype call that can’t have the small buzz of a hoover, moving around in the background.

Serviced apartments, unlike hotel rooms, come with a cleaner set on a weekly basis. So, if your trip is only a 4 day stay for example, there is a chance you may not even see a cleaner! This is beneficial as you are highly unlikely to be disturbed during your stay, and the apartment is kept just as clean as a hotel room, with a fraction of the service time. Similarly, an uninterrupted stay includes a more satisfying sleep, which will make you well rested and ready for the day to put the most effort into your work, and then, get the most payback.

Including this, it also suggests the staff are far more productive, as the apartment needs to stay clean for an entire week. So, instead of just quickly tidying and making a bed, ready to do the same again tomorrow, an apartment will be intensely cleaned over, ensuring the pristine condition can uphold.

More Space

One burden to attending a business trip, is being confined to a small room of a hotel, which can be unsettling for anyone. A serviced apartment comes with an abundance of space due to having separate rooms for living and dining, and in some cases, additional rooms such as home offices and libraries, depending on where you are staying, of course.

An additional plus, is the connection of a private, outside living space attached to your apartment. This can be a balcony or even a garden, which is perfect for a relaxed evening or a breath of fresh air if you are travelling over the hotter summer periods. And with town and country, who provide serviced apartments in Southampton, you are guaranteed plenty of space for you and your colleagues.


Having your own kitchen within your accommodation gives you the flexibility of being able to control your own meal times. It removes the worry of having to stick to the strict meal plan in the likes of a hotel, and allows you the freedom to cook at any time. If, for example, a meeting runs late, you won’t find yourself scouring the area for an open takeaway for a quick, greasy meal- you can come back to your apartment and cook yourself a nutritional helping. Having your own kitchen, domestic appliances to hand and modern quartz worktops for preparing your own food is also beneficial for those with certain dietary requirements.

It can be a hard task finding serviced apartments in Southampton that really give you that ‘home from home’ feeling when on a lengthy business trip. Town or country serviced apartments in Southampton are a perfect starting point, when looking for a suite not just for work but for exploring the city too. If you are needing business lets Southampton, town or country are certain to make your business trip that little bit more satisfying.
The apartments also come with perks just like hotels. Such as swimming pools or a gym, so you aren’t sacrificing the amenities of a hotel, by using a serviced apartment.
But this doesn’t mean you should completely rule our hotels.

Some hotels can be budget-friendly, but depending on where you stay, that could mean you are not paying for quality. If your company approves a budget then you may be able to enjoy the benefits of staying in a hotel:

  • You don’t have to worry about cooking or washing up
  • Someone else will make the bed for you
  • Standards will be kept high due to strict regulations, for example, food and water standards in hotels
  • Networking

Where do you prefer to stay on your business trip?

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  1. That’s a great post, Jackie! Serviced apartments definitely have an edge over traditional hotels but this is a trend that is still upward in metro cities but has a bright scope as said.

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