What Is Video Marketing and Why Should Businesses Use it?

video marketing

Video has quickly become a highly effective form of content creation. Platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram have proved the popularity of video content. And, with the right workstation, it has become very easy for anyone to upload to an audience.

Watching videos online has become a part of many people’s daily routine. With audiences all over the world watching the simplest of content, all the way to global news. Why aren’t all businesses using video marketing? This form of content reaches out to an entire variety of people and can have a huge importance on the way in which your business communicates.

Many companies do not delve into video marketing, as they do not understand the impact it can make. This is even though 83% of marketers agree that having a video marketing campaign is becoming far more important.

So, this article is here to tell everyone exactly why this form of marketing should be taking place. And, just how much it can increase any businesses popularity.

What Is Video Marketing?

The definition of video marketing is not at all complex. It is simply the process of using recorded content in order to promote a brand or an upcoming event.
Why Video Marketing?

Video is a highly flexible and engaging form of content that allows any information to be transferred to the audience simply. Through the use of colour, music, visuals and commentary, people quickly become more entertained, while easily digesting any information given, without losing interest.

Video is not only versatile, but it is very easy to share across a whole host of networks. This will allow a wider set of people to watch whatever video is being shared. It is said that 75 million people watch online videos every day in America, with a 95% retention rate (unlike the 10% suggested when reading a piece of writing).

Working through many channels and online platforms can give a company a potentially huge return on investment, due to the viewing rate their video may get.

What Are The Types Of Marketing Videos?

  • Demonstration Videos
  • Event Videos
  • Brand Videos
  • Live Videos
  • Expert Interviews

There are a handful of video types that differ from one another, in the way they are produced and the information they give.

Demonstration Videos

These videos are used in order to showcase and use a product that is trying to be sold. This format is a persuasive form of video, as it will promote a product well and make people want to buy it.

Event Videos

If a business is holding an event or conference, then that would be something to document and post for potential customers/ clients to see. To show that the business is fun, friendly, and professional.

Brand Videos

A brand video is usually created as part of a larger project campaign and is done as a showcase of all the brilliant features a company has. This is done to build awareness of the company and hopefully build clientele.

Live Videos

These allow viewers to see a more personal look to the business. A live video will usually be a recording of all of the behind the scenes goings-on but as a stream. Streams usually gain far more view rates, with most people spending 8 times longer watching one, as it’s live and not on demand.

Expert Interviews

An interview video is a video many businesses will produce in order to build trust in their services. An interview with an expert or any discussion shows authority in front of the companies audience, even if they do not agree with what is being said.

The great thing is – regardless of what video option(s) you choose, you can create short form videos of the original to repurpose on different marketing channels!

How Has Video Marketing Evolved?

The process of video marketing has developed significantly over the years, alongside digital platforms. A case study taken in 2005 showed that 69% of online users downloaded and watched videos; even though only a small 14% uploaded the content.

Whereas now, as a staggering 78% of online users watch digital content, with 35% uploading and posting for our entertainment. This is clear note that video marketing will be very promising in the near future, with the percentages only rising.

How Does Video Content Affect The Audience Watching?

The reason why video advertising has grown so dramatically is due to the effect it has on the audience. A video has the fluidity to communicate a message in a simple format, that the audience actually remember.

A video can have a huge amount of information crammed into it, and a user will still recall watching it compared to reading. This is the same idea from The Online Publishers Association; who suggests that 80% of people recall watching a video in the past month. Now, it is doubtful that this height would be the same for those who read a lengthy piece of written text.

The effect works so well, as the users do not realise the amount of information they are taking in, unlike a text, where it is evident how long the piece is. Shockingly, it is noted that a simple video can convey 1.8 million words of text. It is doubtful the number of people that would read this amount of words, which is why video is by far the better option.

Search Engine Optimisation

In Google search, the engine will rank all of the content put under its umbrella. From articles, stories, pictures and videos, everything is looked over and ranked. Search engines see videos as high-quality content, meaning that they take a liking to what they offer and rank the video or the page it is on high.

Ensuring that the video obtains the right webpage keywords, meta description and a strong title; the Google engine is more likely to rank the video.
A video can say the exact same as a written piece would, but due to it being a visual product, it will still perform better. This is because of the viewer, it is easier to watch a video than to read a blog post. A study by the eye view showed that a web page containing a video converted 31.7% more traffic than a web page that did not.

Helps Businesses To Stay Competitive

Already, 81% of businesses are using video marketing. This is a really high bracket for anyone only just coming into the video content production.
With these simple forms of content working so well at getting any message possible across to an audience; it will be hard for a business to Google rank against them, without having videos within their website. So, even producing video marketing late will still help a company begin climbing the Google ladder, and joining the real competition against enemy businesses.

Encourages a Boost In Conversions

Having a product video within a business website increases conversion rates by 80%. This is because the audience is far more likely to go through with purchasing an item when they have seen exactly how it works in everyday situations; something a video can show.

Including this, studies show that 74% of users who have watched a video of a product have subsequently gone on to purchase it. Due to being easily persuaded by all of the simple information retained from the video.

Final Thoughts

Video is very simply becoming the most popular form of content there is. With a clear view that it will not be moving from its high popularity statue any time soon. As video is able to create an entire network for some companies; it cannot be questioned as to why so many people get into video marketing. But why people are not using it, that is the question. With the ability to increase popularity, revenue and Google ranking, there is no reason why companies should not be investing time into creating marketing videos.

The best thing is that they do not have to be lengthy or massively edited, as the shorter and more to the point, the better; due to our attention rates. Video can allow an audience to become connected to a business personably, which will build up trust and authority. And, the more an audience know about a company, the more likely they are to stay with the services.


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